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illuminates the years that




was the MP for Neath


Elevated to the House of Lords - October 2015
Current permitted salary and benefits: House of Lords. Members of the House of Lords can opt to receive a £300 per day attendance allowance, plus travel expenses and subsidised restaurant facilities. Peers may also choose to receive a reduced attendance allowance of £150 per day instead.


Rather than write a book on Peter Hain, the former Labour MP for Neath, a group of authors collaborated and constructed a website about him.
The website does not pretend to be encyclopaedic in the sense that everything you ever wanted to know about Peter Hain - but were afraid to ask - appears in its pages. However, unlike a book, it can be easily updated as more facts emerge on the topics covered, as well as completely new issues added to it as necessary.

Peter Hain's early life and anti-apartheid campaigning are already well known to the public, as is his long and distinguished Parliamentary career. A recent source of first hand information on these aspects of his life is contained within his own autobiographical book "Outside In", published by Biteback Publishing in 2012. In addition there are numerous other sources, including the MP's own website:


as well as:


The website makes no attempt to deal in detail with these better known aspects of Peter Hain's earlier life and career, but concentrates instead on other matters which are less well known. Its aim has been to assemble these facts into one "umbrella" document.

The website allows a feedback facility where readers can comment and have their say - this is thought to be far more democratic in this day and age of the Internet.

An update button has been added to the menu, which includes items printed in THE NEATH FERRET.

The authors of this website present the facts - it is up to readers to form their own opinions.

Editorial Note  With the links provided to other websites, and the Guestbook/Feedback facility, it is considered that this 'production' is more powerful and comprehensive than any book.  However, for those who would like an additional book in their reference library, the door is open for a printed version.   This website must therefore be considered as a draft for an interested publisher.


The consortium of authors, who are the joint administrators of this website, are members of no political party and are not associated with anyone having a political interest.  Their aim is to benefit the local community by highlighting their former Member of Parliament, Peter Hain, so that electors can be better informed about him.

This website has not been authorised by Peter Hain who therefore does not endorse the content in any way whatsoever.

There can be no argument about invasion of privacy because all the information on this website is already in the public domain.

Because the information is already in the public domain it is presented by the consortium in good faith.   No responsibility can be accepted for any errors or omissions, which will be corrected when the consortium is made aware of them.

The administrators are not responsible for any advertisement placed on this website by the hosting service and do not endorse them in any way whatsoever.

The hosting service is not associated in any way with the consortium or any political organisation.

The design and layout is copyright - but permission is given for any third party to reproduce extracts providing credit is given to the source.

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Publication date:  11th August 2014     Updated December 2015

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Publishers, Newspaper Editors, TV and Film Producers are welcome to contact us with offers for the rights to use the material on this website.  To contact us, see FEEDBACK in menu.


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