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Ezra's Published Works List 10

901.Toreador,The: 1911:Galop :LMPS
902.Touch and Go:Schottische :Daisie's 11th Dance Album:Paxton
903.Toy City: Barn Dance:LMPS
904.Toyland:1893 Waltz :LMPS
905.Toyland:1905: Waltz:The Mandolinist No.4: LMPS
906.Transvaal,The:1899: Quick March: LMPS :
907.La Traviata:1906:by Verdi, Selection arr.ER:
908.Trilby:1895: Waltz :LMPS
909.Trip to the Moon (A) 1903 Comic Descriptive Fantasia : LMPS
910.True Blue March: For Banjo & Mandolin:Ass. Banjo Clubs of Australia
911.Turkish Dance: Rosie's 18th Dance Album: LMPS
912.Turtle Doves: Fav. Bk. of 9 Waltzes:Cohen's Original Penny Bazaar
913.Twelth Night (The): March: MHJ Vol.V, No.115, 9Jan1907
914.Twelve o'clock: Panto Album Bk.2,No.43:Paxton
915.Twilight Memories:1900: Morceau de Salon :Broome
916.Twinhe:1898: very easy Waltz (also duet) :LMPS
917.Two Easy Waltzes: 871A.Two Hymns:Sabbath Evenings:MHJ, Vol.
918.Two Little Girls in Blue: Barn Dance :
919.Type of Beauty,A:1904: Waltz :LMPS
920.Unmasking: Daisy's Masquerade Album, No.57: Paxton
921.Uncle Pete's Breakdown:1999:Banjo &PF: Broome
922.Ups and Downs: Galop: ER's Easy Albums for Little Fingrs 3: LMPS
923.Valse D'Espanole:1904: The Banjoist No20
924.Valse Album: Album of 9 Waltzes: Paxton
925.Venia:1894: Serpentine Dance :LMPS
926.Venice by Night:1905: Waltz :Paxton
927.Venice by Night Waltz :Valse Album: Paxton...SEE LINKS TO HEAR THIS MUSIC
928.Victor's Return,The:1902:Quick March Broome:
929.Victoria -In Memoriam:1901: Cavatina :Leonard & Co.
930.Victoria Cross,The:1899: Descriptive Fantasia :LMPS
931.Victoria Cross,The:1900: Descriptive Fantasia :LMPS
933.The Violinist: 1897: Violin & Pianoforte Duets:
934.Vision of Beauty, A:1909: Waltz :
935.Visit to Madame Tussauds, A: Descriptive Fantasia :LMPS
936.Visions of the Ball:1903: Waltz :Broome
937.Visions of the Ball: Descriptive Fantasia :Paxton
938.Voluntary: Paxton
939.Waiter! Waiter!:1895: Comic Song:
940.Waiting for the King:1902: Coronation Cake Walk:
941.Wake Up:1895: Comic Song:
942.Waltz Cottilion:1898: Daisy's 10th Dance Album: Paxton
943.War in Africa:1902: Fantasia:LMPS
944.War in South Africa: (same as above?): Descriptive Fantasia :LMPS
945.War of the Nations:1914: Descriptive Fantasia :LMPS
946.War of Nebucans: Fantasia :LMPS
947.War on the China Sea:1900: Descriptive Naval Fantasia :
948.Washington Post:1897: Waltz :
949.Wassail Cup: Polka: Daisy's Christmas Album (Ida Hampden & Ezra): Paxton

950.Wattle Blossom: Schottische:Blockley,Ascherburg, Hopwood aw
951.Waves of the Danube:1905: Merry Moments vol. 9:Beale Stuttard:by Ivonovich, arr ER     
952.Weaving the Garlands:1905: by Ivonovich arr. ER:
953.Wedding,The:Panto Album, Book2, No43: Paxton
954.Wedding Day,The: Schottische:Blockley,Ascherburg,Hopwood and    Crew                             955.Wedding Day,The: Descriptive Fantasia :
956.Wedding March,The: Panto AlbumBk.2 No43:Paxton
957.Wee Lassies Valse:1895 :(Duet 1905): Pitman Hart
958.Wee Maudie's Prayer:1907: Song :Wds. by T.Robinson:LMPS
959.Welcome Back Our British Heroes:1900: Song:Wds. by M. Cambie:
960.Welcome Home:1900: Grand March :
961.What Do You Want For Those Two Blue Eyes:1904: Song :W.by Tizard, arr.ER: 8lackburn      962.When I First Met You:1905: Song :by W. Tizaed arr ER:
963.Where Will England Find her Fame:1905: Song :by E. Nugent: arr.                                       964.Which Is The Way To Heaven?:1903: Song :by W. Rushford, arr ER:
965.Wild W5est:1903: Descriptive Fantasia :
966.Windflowrs:1912: Piano Solo :
967.Windmill,The: Descriptive Fantasia :
968.Winged Hours:1889: Schottische :Daisy's 11th Dance Album: Paxton
969.Winter:Organ & Harmonium Solo:MHJ Vol.I, No.11, 11thJan, 1905
970.Winter Tales:1889: Schottische :
971.Wishing Cap:
972.Witches' Flight,The:1919: Duet :Rosie's 1st PF Album: LMPS
973.Witches' Meeting,The:1895: by H.M.Russell, arr.ER:LMPS
974.With The Colours:1900: Descriptive Fantasia :
975.With The Flag to Pretoria:1900: Descriptive Fantasia :LMPS
976.Wonderful Lamp,The: Panto. Album Bk,1, no. 42: Paxton
977.Wonderland:1903: Waltz LMPS:
978.Wooden Horse Galop: Rosie's 13th Dance Album: LMPS
979.Wooden Soldiers:Daisy's 12th Dance Album: Paxton
980.WoodlandFairies::March 8Paxton 
981.Woodside Blossob: Sketch: Ezra Read's Easy Albums for Little Fingrs No. 3: LMPS                  982.Yacht Race,The: Descriptive Fantasia: Pitman Hart & Co. Ltd
983.Yankee Doodle (Trad.): Pianoforte Duet :Progressive Duets, arr.ER: Paxton
984.Yes, Let Me Like a Soldier Fall: March :
985.You and I:1905: Waltz :Mandolin and PF: Pitman
986.You and I: Waltz: Banks Music House, Leeds
Young Briton,The: Waltz :The Mandolinist No. 62: LMPS
988.Young Briton,The; For School Drill: Rosie's 8th March Album:LMPS
989.Yuletide Reverie: Daisy's Christmas Album (Ida Hampden & Ezra): Paxton

990.Zamora: Spanish Waltz :


907 of Ezra's works have so far been identified



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