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501.Little Empress Barn Dance:Daisy's 5th Dance Album: Paxton.
502.Little Fairy :Waltz: The Royal Album: Allan. Melbourne, Australia.
503.Little Friends:Waltz: The Royal Album: Allan, Melbourne, Australia.
504.Little Girls::Waltz: Rosie's 16th Dance Album: LMPS.
505.Little Gipsy's: Waltz: Daisy's 5th Dance Album: Paxton.
506.Little Guards: 1902: Quick March: LMPS.  
507.Little Heroes:19113: Drill March: LMPS.
508.Little Jack Horner: LancersDaisy's 12th dance Album: Paxton.

509.Little Lovers: Daisy's 11th Dance Album: Paxton. 
510.Little Madcap: Polka: Rosie's 18th Dance Album: LMPS.
511.Little Maidens:Waltz: Paxton.Waltz :
512.Little Minstral: For School Drill: Rosie's 8th March Album: LMPS.
513.Little Mischief: Schottische: Paxton.
514.Little Pigs: March: Ezra Read's Easy Albums for Little Fingrs No. 3: LMPS
515.Little Primrose:Valse Facile by J. Este, Arr. ER:
516.Little Princess (The): 1904:LMPS.
517.Little Red Riding Hood: 1909: Action Song: Words by T. Robinson: LMPS.

518.Little Red Riding Hood: Valse: Daisy's 11th Dance Album: Paxton.
519.Little Rosy Cheeks: March : ER's Easy Albums NJo.2:LMPS.
520:.Little Sailors:1925: Drill March : Paxton.
521.Little Scouts: School Drill March: Rosie's 8th March Album: LMPS.
522.Little Snowdrop: 1897: Waltz: Alao as Duet: LMPS.
523.Little Soldiers:1914:Drill March: LMPS.
524.Little Sunshine: Waltz : Pitman.
525.Little Sweethearts: Romanza : ER's Easy Album No.2: LMPS.
526.Little Toddles:Waltz: Favourite Book of 9 Waltzes: Cohan's Original penny Bazaar.
527.Little Wooden Shoes: Dutch Dance: Merry Moments Vol. 10: Beal Stuttard.
528.Londonderry Air; Traditional: Favourite pieces Album Vol. 4: Arr. ER: Paxton.

529.Longest Reign (The):1897: Barn Dance : LMPS.
530.Lost Chord (The): 1894: Song: Words by Proctor: LMPS.
531.Louisiana: Polka : 1897: The Banjoist No.24:
532.Love and Kisses: Waltz : Paxton.
533.Love in the Mist: Waltz : Rosie's 20th Dance Album: : LMPS.
534.Love Letters: Waltz: Pitman Hart.
535.Love Stories:1908: Waltz (Also Duet): LMPS.
536.Love Tokens::Barn Dance: Merry Moments Vol. 10: Beal stuttard.
537.Love's Land: 1909: Waltz: Broom.
538.Love's Springtime:Waltz : Paxton.
539.Love's Vows:1902: Waltz: Paxton.
540.Love's Whisperings: 1902: Waltz: Broom.
541.Loyalty: 11897: Valse: The Banjoist No.11:  LMPS.
542.Lucky Bag: Mazurka: Daisy's 12th Dance Album: Paxton.
543.Lusiana:1908: Waltz: The Banjoist No. 24: LMPS
544.Mafeking Heros,The: March: Paxton.
545.Magic Lantern: 1903:Polka : LMPS.
546.Maiden's Prayer (The): 1921:by Thekia Badarewska arr.ER: Paxton.
547.Major and Minor Scales for the Pianoforte The: 1910: LMPS.
548.Mammy's Little Sunshine:Song: By Tizard and Harvey: 

549.Mandolin Album:Vols.1, 2 and 8: 1897: LMPS.
550.Madolinist (The): 1897: Nos.7,10,13-15: LMPS.
551.Mannikins March: Merry Moments Vol. 11: Easy Marches Arr. ER: B
eal Stuttard.
552.Manuelita:Spanish Waltz: Mandoline Solo: Paxton.
753.March de Triomphe: Merry Moments Vol.11: Easy Marches Arr. ER: Beal Stuttard.
754.March of the Israelites:1898: By Costa, Simplified by ER.
555.Marguerite: 1895: Waltz: LMPS.
556.Marionetes Dance:Dance; Ezra Read's Easy Albums for Little Fingrs No. 3: LMPS
557.Maritana: 1899:Selection from Wallaces Opera, Arr. ER: LMPS.
558.Mascot,The: Waltz: Valse Album: Paxton.
559.Masquerade Album: Paxton.
560.Marseillaise & La Cecile Gavotte,The: 1910:TheAlbion Edition No. 21: Marks and Spencer. 
561.Marseillaise,The: 1914:March : arr.ER: By Rouget de Lisle, Arr. ER: Paxton.
562.Masquerade Album, No. 58: 
563.Masquerade Ball: Descriptive Fantasia : Paxton.
564Matchbox Waltz: Waltz : Pitman Hart.
565.Mazurka des Traineaux: 1905 : By Ascher, Simplified by ER:
566.Memento: Intermezzo : Mandoline & Pianoforte; Paxton
567.Mendelssohn's Spring Song & The Bees Wedding: 1911:arr.ER: LMPS
568.Mermaid Album:No. 56:Paxton
569.Mermaid Waltz: Waltz :LMPS
570.Mermaid's Retreat (The): Daisy's 12th Dance Album: Paxton
571.Mermaid's Chariot: Daisy's 11th Fance Album: Paxton
572.Merry Christmas: 1893: Quadrille: by J. D. Eate, Arr. ER
573.Merry Coons: 1897: Scottische: LMPS
574.Merry Dancers: Morris Dance: ER's Easy Albums No. 4: LMPS
575.Merry Fairies:MHJ
576.Merry Haymakers (The): March:Words by T. Robinson: LMPS
577.Merry Imps: Quick March: The Mandolinist, No.2:LMPS
578.Merry Moments Album, Vol. 9: 1899: Beal Stuttard
579.Merry Moments Album, Vol. 10: Beal Stuttard
580.Merry Moments Album, Vol. 11: Beal Stuttard
581.Merry Moments: Vol. 22: Album :Beale Stuttard
582.Merry Reaper Lads (The): 1910 Action Song:Words by T. Robinson:LMPS
583.Merry Skaters: 1898:Barn Dance:Home Circle 3rd Dance album: Marks & Spencer
584.Merry Yuletide:Valse: ER's Easy Albums No. 4: LMPS
585.Merry Youngsters: 1898: Galop de Concert :LMPS
586.Message of Love: Polka:Rosie's 18th Dance Album:LMPS
587.Midnight Express,The: Descriptive Piece:Paxton
588.Midnight Valse.The:Paxton
589.Midgets Polka,The: Polka :Paxton
590.Miner,The: 1911:Descriptive Fantasia: LMPS
591.Miner's Sweetheart,The: 1911: Song:

(Note: As before, spaces 591 to 600 left for  newly discovered items. See 'News' page)


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