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401.Highland Schottische:by J.H. Bridges, simplified by ER 
402.Hippodrome (The): Quick March: 
403.His Majesty:Grand March:1901:Rosie's 4th PF Album:LMPS 
404.Hoch Habsburg: 1899 :
405.Holiday Time: Rondino :Daisy's 5th Dance Album:Paxton 
406.Holly tree Waltz:LMPS   
407.Home Circle 3rd Dance Album, (4th Edition):Paxton 
408. Home Sweet Home: 1899: Fantasia: LMPS 
409.Hop Scotch: 1906: Polka:Ivy's Japanese Album:Paxton 
410.Humming Coons:Two Steo, or Cake Walk: MHJ Vol.IV, No.93,8th Aug 1906  
411.Humming Top: Mazurka:Broome 
412.Humpty Dumpty Galop:Playtime Melodies No 6:Paxton
413.Hurdy Gurdy: 1895: Quadrilles: Ivy's Japanese Album:Paxton 
414.I Haven't Been Home Since Yesterday: 1895:song\;Paxton 
.Ida: 1901: Waltz:Paxton  
416.Il Bacio: 1910: Valse Brilliante:Paxton  
417.Il Corricolo:1900:Panto Album Bk 2, No 43 Paxton: 
418.Imps (The):1909: Cake-Walk:Progressive Duets for PF: Paxton 
419.In Camp:1902:Descriptive Fantasia: 
420.In Coral Glade:Rossini & Co 
421.The Aeroplane: Valse: Ezra Read's Easy Albums for Little Fingrs No. 3: LMPS
422.In the Cornfields:Waltz :by E.S.Smith simplified by ER 
423.In the fernery: Waltz: ER's Easy Albums No. 4: LMPS
424.In the Jungle: March:Paxton  
425.Indiana Flo:Coon Song:1895:Ivy's Album No 32, Vol 8 
426.Invitation of the Bells:Paxton 
427.Ireland -Fantasia on Irish Airs:1912:LMPS 
428.Irish Guards' Waltz: 1903: Merry Moments Vol 11:Beal Stuttard
429.Irish Lovers:MHJ 
430.Irresistable: 1913: Two-Step: by Sousa arr. ER   
431.Isandula: 1898: March:LMPS  
432.Italian National Hymn  -Marcia Reale: 1915:Paxton 
433.Ivy's Cake-Walk: 1903-4: 
434.Ivy Leaves Gavotte:by N.Kral arr. ER:LMPS 
435.Ivy's Japanese Album -No. 25, Vol. 7 :Piano Solos  
436.Jack and Jill Galop: ERs Easy Album No.2: LMPS 
437.Jack and Jill March: Rosie's  18th Dance Album :LMPS  
438.Jackdaw Mazurka:LMPS 
439.Japan and Russia:1904: Naval & Military Fantasia:LMPS 
440.Japanese Fan Dance: LMPS 
441.Japanese Polka (The):1896:Faisy'd 10th Dance Album:Paxton 
442.Japanese Polka (The):1902: in Playtime Melodies 400.Japanese Serenade:LMPS   
443.Japanese Waltz (Geisha):L. Reed arr. ER:
444.Japanese War March: Broome 
445.Jazz Nights: 1919: Jazz for Piano:by L.Arditi arr. ER:LMPS 
446.Jealous Sisters (The): D. de grau arr. ER: 
447.Jenny Jones (Trad.): Arr. ER: Pianoforte Duet:Broome:also Progressive Duets: Paxton
448.Jesus Lover of my Soul: arr. ER:LMPS 
449.Jester (The):1895: Polka:Daisy's Mermaid Album  
450.Le Jet D'Eau: 1905:Valse Album:Paxton 

451.Jolly Jack Ashore: 1925: Hornpipe Merry Moments Vol. 1
452.Joy's Ragtime Album: 1895:Wods by C. Corlette:Arthur & Co.
453.Kaiser (The): 1901: March Music of the Bells Album:Paxron 
454.Khartoum :1898: War March:LMPS 
455.Killarney: 1904:March by Balfe, Arr. for PF by ER: Paxton
456.Killarney: March by Balfe, Arr. for Mandoline by ER: Paxton
457.Kimberley: March: Paxton
458.King Edward V!!: Grand March: 1901: Brisrol Music Agency
459.King George V: Grand March: 1910: LMPS
460.King7of the Dollies: Waltz: ERs Easy Album No 2:LMPS 
461.King 8eptune: March: ER's Easy Albums No. 4: LMPS
462.Kitty Puss: Valse: Ezra Read's Easy Albums for Little Fingrs No. 3: LMPS
463.La Har9e Eolienne:1905:by sydney Smith Simplified by E.R.
464.Ladysmith March: 1900:
465.Largo: Rosie's 2nd Sunday Album: LMPS
466.L'Entente Cordiale:1913: Valse: LMPS
467.Laughing Eyes:1914: Graceful Dance :Reed and Walsh
468.Laughing Eyes: Waltz :Favourite bk of 9 Waltzes: Cohen Original Penny Bazaar
469.Laughing Niggers:Polka :Cassell
470.Le Bijou: Grand Valse de Concert :
471.Le Jet d'Eau:1905: by Sydney Smith Simplifed by ER:
472.Lead Kindly Light:Hymn : Arr.ER:
473.Learning to be Soldiers: 1909: Action Song:Words by T. Robinson:LMPS :
474.Les Clochettes: by du Grace, arr. ER:Music of the Bells Album:Paxton:
475.Liberty Hall:1893: Song: words by F. Gilbert
476.Lifeboat,The: 1904: Descriptive Piece :Paxton
477.Lilac: Waltz:ER's Easy Albums No. 4: LMPS
478.Lillian: Waltz :Daisy's 11th Dance Album:Paxton
479.Lilliput Parade,The: 1906: Lancers:ERs Easy Album No.2:LMPS:
480.Lily of the Valley,The: 1905: Paxton
481.List to the Convent Bells: Fantasia :LMPS
482.Little Bells: Fantasia: ER's Easy Albuns No. 4 : IMPS
483.Little Bo-Peep:1896:Waltz :LMPS
484.Little Boys: Waltz :LMPS
485.Little Bright Eyes:1924:Drill March: Pitman Hart
486.Little Captain,The: 1913: March: ERs Easy Album No 2:LMPS
487.Little Companions 1895 Polka:
488.Little Dolly Pretty Face: Andante: Easy Albums for Little Fingrs No. 3: LMPS
489.Little Duchess: 1894: Waltz:
490.Little Empress Waltz:

(Note: As before, spaces 491 to 500 left for newly discovered items. See 'News' page)

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