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Ezra's Published Works List 8


701.Poet and Peasant: 1906: Selection from Suppe's Opera,  Arr.ER: LMPS
702.Poppy (The):1905:Waltz: LMPS.
703.Poppies in the Cornfield: 1905: Song by Tissard - Arr, ER: Paxton.: 
704.Postman's Holiday: 1913: Ragtime: Le Facteur en Ballade: LMPS.
705.Prairie Queen (The): 1895: Schottische: Rossini & Co.
706.Premiere Selections of Hornpipes, Jigs, Reels (The): 1897: LMPS.
707.President Cleveland's Grand March: 1894: LMPS.
708.President Wilson's Grand March: LMPS

709.Pretty Blue Bells: 1911: School Drill March: LMPS.
710.Pretty Daisies: Waltz: Merry Moments Vol. 19: Beal, Stuttard.
711.Pretty Little Dollies: Waltz: ER's Easy Albums for Little Hands, No.2: LMPS.
712.Pretty Picture Book: Melody: ER's Easy Albums for Little Hands, No.3: LMPS>
713.Pretty Puss: Valse: ER's Easy Albums for Little hands, No.3: LMPS.
714.Pretty Shells: Sketch: ER's Easy Albums for Little Hands, Vol.3: LMPS>
715.Prince (The): Pantomime Album Bk.2, No.43: Paxton.
716.Prince and Princess Polka: 1902:Broom.
717.Prince Edward Albert:1894: Schottische: LMPS. 
718.Princess (The):Pantomime Album Bk.1, No.42: Paxton.
719.Princess Beauty: Waltz: Merry Moments, Vol. 10: Beale, Stuttard.
720.Princess Ena: 1906: Waltz: LMPS.
721.Processional: Association of Banjo Clubs, Australia.
722.Progressive Duets: 7 pieces Arr. ER:  The Nusic Hour series, No IX:Paxton.
723.Proposal (The): 1900: Mazurka: Mandoline & Piano: Paxton:
724.Pussy and I: Waltz: ER's Easy Album,s for little fingers, No.3: LMPS.
725.Puss in Boots: 1903: Waltz:Rosie's 13th Dance Album: LMPS.
726.Pussy Polka: The Royal Album: Allan, Melbourne, Australia.
727.Queen Alexandra Royal March: 1901: LMPS.
728.Queen Alexandra Waltz: 1901: 
729.Queen of the Ball: Gavotte: ER's Easy Albums for Little Hands: LMPS.
730.Queen of the Dollies: Romance: ER's Easu Albums for Little fingers No.2: LMPS
731.Queen of Hearts: 1900: Pianoforte Solo: LMPS
732.Queen of the Plains: 1899: Schottische: The Mandolinist No. 32:
733.Queen Mary: 1910: Waltz:Broom.
734.Queenie: 1898: Waltz: Also Duet, 1904: LMPS
735.Raff's Cavatina: Violin or Mandoline & Piano: LMPS. 
736.Rag Bag Rag: 1913: Radtime: Broom.
737.Red, White and Blue: Patriotic Song, Arr. ER: LMPS.

738.Rejoicing: Polka:LMPS.
739.Relief of Ladysmith:1900: Descriptive Fantasia: LMPS.
740.Relief of Mafeking:  1900: Grand March: LMPS.
741.Return (The):1911: Waltz: Broom.
742.Return from Klondyke (The): 1898: Descriptive Fantasia: LMPS.
743.Return of the Troops: 1900: Descriptive Fantasia: LMPS.
744.Rhoda, Oh: 1905: Song: by Tizzard,  Arr. ER:
745.Robin's Return: (The): by Fisher, Arr. ER: 
746.Rock the Baby: Summer Melody: ER's Easy` Albums for Little Haqnds. LMPS.
747.Romeo and Juliet:Daisy's masquerafe Albu, No. 58: Paxton.
748.Rose Elf (The): Gavotte: Merry Moments, Vol. 9: Beal Stuttard.
749.Rose Elf (The): 1901: Waltz: 
750.Rose Queen (The): Gavotte: Broom. 
751.Roe Queen (The):1901: Waltz: Merry Moments, No.9: Beal Stuttard.
752.Rosie's Album of Easy Duets No,2:ER and others, Arr. ER: LMPS
753.Rosie's 1st Album of Popular Pieces: Arr ER & W. Manhire: LMPS.
754.Rosie's 3rd Piano Album: 7 Popular Pieces, Arr. ER: LMPS.
755.Rosie's 13th Dance Album:ER and ida hampden: LMPS
757.Rosy Cheeks:Mazurka: Paxton.
758.Rosy Posy:Waltz: The Royal Album: Allan, Melbourne, Australia.
756.Round the Exhibition: 1908: Descriptive Fantasia: LMPS.
759.Round the Route: 1902: Coronation Fantasia: Broom.
760.Royal Album: 12 Pieces by ER. Allan, Melbourne, Australia.
761.Royal Album of Easy Pieces No.9:.Without Octaves: Allan, Melbourne, Australia.
762.Royal Marriage (The):1906: Grand March: LMPS.
763.Royal Militart Tournament (The): Descriptive Fantasia: 
764.Royal Palace: March: Musical Home Journal
765.Royal Palace (The): English Dance:ER's Easy Albums for Little Hands: LMPS.
766.Rule Britania: National Song: Bu Arne,Arr. ER: 
767.Rule Britania: Traditional: Arr. ER: Favourite Pieces Album, Arr. ER:Paxton.
769.Russian Beautie: Russian Dance: Merry Moments Vol. 9: Beal Stuttard.
768.Sabbath Chimes: 1911:Sacred Fantasia: LMPS.
770.Sabbath Evenings: Faith, Hope and Charity: 1905:Musical Home Journal Vol. 1, Issue 17:
771.Sabbath Evenings: Consolation and Eternity: 1905: MHJ, Vol. 1, Issue 15.
772.Sabbath Evenings:Organ or Harmonium Solo: 1905: MHJ, Vol. 1, Issue 15.
773.Sabbath Evening Chimes:By Skeaf, Arr. ER: Music of the bells, No. 39, Arr. ER: Paxton.
774.Sailor Knows He's Been to Sea (The):Song by Goodwin, Arr. ER.
775.Saint George's Day: Morning and Evening: 1907:Organ Solo:MHJ Vol.V, Issue 130
776.Saint Valentine:Waltz:ER's Easy Albums for Litle Hands: LMPS.
777.Sans Souch: Galop: Mandoline Solo by Ascher, Simplifide by ER: Paxton. 
778.Santa Claus: Schottische:
Daisy's Christmas Album(Ida Hampden & Ezra): Paxton 779.Santiago:1897:Valse Espanole:The Mandolinist, Bo. 17: LMPS.

780.Saucy Sally: Song by Goodwin, Arr. ER:
781.Scarlet and Blue: Quick March: Song by Lennox Arr. ER:Paxton.
782.Scarlet Flowers:
783.Sceptre Waltz: Paxton.
784.Schoolmates: 1895: Waltz: The Violinist No. 68:LMPS.
785.School Hero (The): Drill March:
786.Scrimmage (The): 1907: Barn Dance: Broom.
787.Scissors: Galop: Daisy's 10th dance Album: Paxton.
788.Sea Flowers: Daisy's Mermaid Album, No. 56: Paxton.
789.Sea Maidens: Valse: Mandoline and Piano:
790.Sea Shells: Valsette: Merry Momnetbs, Vol. 22:Beal, Stuttard.
791.Sea -side Schottisch:Paxton.



(Note.: As before, spaces 791 to 800 left for newly discovered items. See 'News' page)


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