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Ezra's Published Works List 9


801.Seasons - Autumn & Winter; Moderato: Happy Days Album, No.100: Banks Music House.
802.Seasons - Spring & Summer: 
803.Seaweed: 1924: Daisy'd Mermaid Album No.56: Paxton.
804.Secret Cavern (The): Daisy's Mermaid Album No.56: Paxton.
805.Secrets: Sketch:Cassell.
806.Selection from Balfe: Arr. ER: 
807.Selection (2nd) from Balfe:Arr. ER: 
808.Selection from Gounod:1901:Arr.ER:
809.Selection from Suppe: Arr. ER:
810.Selection from Verdi: 1906: Arr.ER:
811.Selection from Wallace:1906:Arr. ER:
812.Selection (2nd) from Wallace:Arr. ER:
813.Sham Fight: Schottische:
814.She is a Fancy ironer: 1895:Song: by Reed, Arr ER:
815.She's My Lily Girl: 1906: Song: by Tizzard, Arr. ER:Paxton
Shells and Coral:Valse: ER's Easy Albums for Little Hands Mo.4:LMPS.
817.Shower of Beads (A): Solo in Triplets: ER's Easy Albums for Little Hands: LMPS.
818.Shower of Pearls (A): Rosie's 4th Pianoforte Album: LMPS.
819.Siesta: Waltz: Favourite Book of 9 Waltses: Cohen's Original Penny Bazzars.
820.Silver Bells:1896:March:Mandolin Album Vol.1, also The Mandolinist No.3:
821.Silver King (The): Daisy's Masquerade Album No. 58: Paxton.
822.Silvery Echoes: 1896:Mandoline Album Vol.1, also The Mandolinist No.4.
823.Sir Roger de Coverlv & other Country Dances: LMPS.
824.Sleeping Daisies:Waltz: Favourite Book of 9 Waltzes: Cohen's Original Penny Bazaars.
825.Sleeping Floweers: Walyze: Mandolin and Piano: Paxton
826.Sleigh Ride (A):1895:Descriptive Fantasia: LMPS...SEE LINKS TO HEAR THIS MUSIC.
827.Sleigh Ride (A)- Duet:1896:Descriptive Fantasia: LMPS.
828.Slippery Sam:1913:Ragtime Sand-Dance: LMPS.
829.Snapdragon: Mazurka: LMPS.
830.Snow Storm: Galop: Paxton.
831.Soldiers of the King:1901:March: LMPS...SEE LINKS TO HEAR THIS MUSIC.
832. Soldiers' Chorus from Faust: March Arr.ER: Merry Moments Vol.11, Arr. ER: Beal Stuttard.
833.Someday You'll Love Me Again:1900: Song: by Schaller & Montague, Arr ER: Paxton.
834.Song Without Words for Clarinet and Piano: 
835.Sons of Britain: 1900: March: LMPS.
836.Sons of the Ocean: 1902:Naval Fantasia: LMPS.
837.Soul of a Rose (The): Intermezzo: Paxton.
838.Spanish Dance: Waltz: Merry Moments Vol.22: Beal Stuttard.
839.Spanish Maidens: Waltz: Paxton.
840.Sparkling Eyes: Waltz: Daisy's 5th Album: Paxton.
841.Spring Song: 1911: Song Without Words: Mendelssohn Op.62, No.6:Easily Arranged:
842.Springtide: Minuet: Rosie's 4th Pianoforte Album: LMPS.
843.Sprintime: Gavotte: ER's Easy Albums for Little Hands No.3:LMPS.
844.Stabat Mater:1894: By Rossini, Arr. ER:
845.Starfish Grotto: Daisy's Mermaid Album No. 58: Paxton.
846.Starlight: Mazurka: The Royal Album: Allan, Melbourne, Australia.
847.Stars and Stripes: March: Arr. ER: Paxton.
848.Stars and Stripes: March: Arr.ER for Violin or Cello: Paxton.
849.Stop Thief: Galop: Paxton.
850.Strolling Through the Woods: Sketch: ER's Easy Albums for Little Hands No.2: LMPS.
851.Sugar Cane: 1901: Quick March: The Banjoist No. 32:
852.Sultan (The); Pantomime Album Bk.1, No.43: Paxton.
853.Summer Blossom: 1899: Valse de Consert: LMPS.
854.Summeer Roses: 1902: Waltz: Rosie's 13th Dance Album: LMPS.
855.Sun of My Soul:1911: Hymn Arr.ER: Allan, Melbourn, Australia.
856.Sunday Album (Rosie's)1898: For Organ or Harmonium.
857.Sundial (The): 1897: Schottische: The Mandolinist No.18:LMPS.
858.Sunlit Youth: Album: 7 Easy Pieces:
859.Sunny Dreams: Mazurka: Daisy's 10th Dance Album: Paxton.
860.Surprise Packet: Schottische:Daisy's 12th Dance Album: Paxton.
861.Sweet and Low: 1906: Waltz Arr.ER: LMPS.
862.Sweet Flowers: 1915: Waltz: Paxton.
863.Sweet Golden Bells: Music of the Bells Album No.39, Arr.ER: Paxton.
864.Sweet Memories: 1903:Minuet: LMPS.
865.Sweet Red Roses:Valse: Merry Moments Vol. ?: Beal Stuttard.
866.Sweet Rosebuds: Waltz:Paxton.
867.Sweet Visions: Waltz: Rosie's 6th Dance A;bum: LMPS.
868.Swinging Baby: Waltz: ER's Easy Albums for Little hamds No.2:LMPS.

869.Taku Polka:1903: Broome.
870.Tango Dance:1913: LMPS
871.Tattoo,The:1911 Waltz :LMPS
872.Territorials,The: 1909: March :LMPS
873.Thanksgiving Grand March :Merry Moments Vol.!!, Marches:arr ER,Beal Stuttar
874.This Merry Time of Yule: Song:MHJ Vol.III, No.59,29th Nov. 1905
875.Thistle Schottische:
876.Thornrose:Gavotte :by C,Lehnert, arr. ER:Allan, Australia
877.Three Copyright Songs: The Albion Edition, No, 16: Marks & Spencer
878.Three Morris Dances: 1911: LMPS
879.Through the Holy Land: Descriptive Piece :Paxton
880.Throwing Kisses: Polka :ER's E(asy Album, No.2:LMPS
881.Time Alone Can Tell:1898: Song :Wds. by L, Reed:
882.Tin Whistle Band:1912: Two Step :Paxton
883.Tip Toe Polka:LMPS 
884.Tiresome Dollies: 1896: LMPS
885.Tom Boys:Action Song: Merry Moments, vol,22: Beal Stuttard
886.Top of the Tree:by Shallere & Montage, arr. ER:
887.Topaz Gavotte,The:Mandoline & PF:Paxton :
888.They're Not To Be Compared With You::1903: Song:by Vernie, arr. ER:
889.Tootsie Wootsie:Waltz: Ezra Read's Easy Albums for Little Fingrs No. 3: LMPS
890.Topsy: 1898: Galop :The Banjoist No. 15:LMPS
891.Torch Light: 1911: March :Broome



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