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List 2 of Ezra's Works


101.Carolina Cake-Walk: Home Circle 3rd Dance Album: Marks & Spencer Ltd.
102.Cave of Jewels (The): Panto Album Bk.1,No.42:Paxton
103.Characteristic Dance: Jaoanese Dance: Ivy's Japanese Album: Paxton
104.Cathedral March (The): School Drill March: Rosie's 6th March Album:LMPS
105.Chancel (The): Rosie's 2nd Sunday Album:LMPS
106.Chancel March (The): 1911: School Drill March:Rosie's 6th March Album: LMPS
107.Charabanc Ride: Descriptive Fantasia: Paxton
108.Charming Waltz: 1902: Broome
109.Cherry Lips: Valse: Ezra Read's Easy Albums for Little Fingrs No. 3: LMPS

110.Children's Christmas Ball (The):1909:Descriptive Fantasia:LMPS
111.Childrens' Drill March (The):1907:LMPS
112.Chime Again Beautiful Bells:(by Brinley Richards) Arr.ER:Paxton
113.Chinese March (The): 1900: Broome
114.Chloe: 1899: Barn Dance:
115.Choice Flowers: Mazurka: Daisy's 10th Dance Album: Paxton

116.Christmas Bells: Descriptive Fantasy: LMPS
117.Christmas Box: 1900: Valse:LMPS
118.Christmas Cards: Fantasy for Pianoforte: LMPS                        
119.Christmas Carols:1895:Newly arranged & edited by ER: LMPS
120.Christmas Eve at Dingly Dell: 1914: Descriptive Fantasia: Paxton
121.Christmas Echoes - Morceau Joyeuse: 1913: LMPS
122.Christmas Fairies: 1909: Graceful Dance: LMPS
123.Christmas Games: 1903: Waltz: LMPS
124.Christmas Greetings: 1914: Waltz: LMPS
125.Christmas Has Come:Song:MHJ Vol.I, No..7: 14thDec.1904
126.Christmas Party (A): 1899: Descriptive Fantasia:(also Duet): LMPS
127.Christmas Tales: 1915:Waltz: LMPS
128.Christmas With the Old Folks: Fantasia: MHJ Vol.I, No8:21st Dec. 1904
129.Church Lads' Brigade: 1908: School Drill March: LMPS
130.Church Parade (The): 1907: Grand March: LMPS
131.Cinderella: Pantomime Album, Bk 2, No. 43: Paxton
132.Cinderella Waltz: 1910: ( also Duet): Paxton
133.City Folio of Piano Studies (The): 1 E.R. piece of 6 in album: Paxton
134.Cloisters (The): 1899:Grand March 
135.Clown (The): Daisy's Masquerade Album No. 58: Paxton
136.Cock of the North & the Haughs O' Cromdale(The): 1899: Quickstep( arranged E.R.):
137.College Boys: March: Paxton
138.College Boys:1924:March:Happy Days Album(Gem 100):Banks Music House,Leeds
139.Come Along Polka: Paxton
140.Com Back to Erin:1908* Transcription of song) by Claribel (arr. ER) LMPS
141.Come Back to Erin: 1908: by Claribel With variations by E.R:LMPS
142.Come into the Garden Maud:song:Arr. For Madolin by ER: Paxton
143.Come to the Fair: Waltz: Paxton
144.Commmonnwealth Federation Grand March (The): 1901: LMPS

145.Conqueror March (The): F. Pitman Hart & Co. Ltd
146.Convent Bells: 1894: Fantasia based on Blockley's "List to the Convent Bells". LMPS
147.Coon Babies Parade: 1909: Broom
148.Coonland: 1898: Quick March  
149.Coon Lovers: 1905: Cake Walk: LMPS                                                                          .     150.Coons' Comb Orchestra: March: MHJ Vol.V, No107, 14th Nov. 1906
151.Coon's Holiday (The): 150: Polka: The Banjoist No. 8 1897:LM
152.Coon's Serenade (The):song and dance:wds by Nellie Navette:Music D.Hall &E.R

153.Quick March: 1898: The Banjoist No. 13 1897
154..Coonlville Fair: 1919: Descriptive Piece: Paxton .
155.Coppelia - Valse Lente: 1813: Delibes (arranged E.R.)
156.Coppelia: 1922: Selection: Delibes (arranged E.R.)
157.Coronation Day: 1902: Fantasia: Paxton.
158.Coronation of King Edward VII (The):1902: Descriptive Fantasia:LMPS
159.Coronation Waltz: 1902: LMPS
160.Coronation Grand Marc (The): King Edward VII: 1901: LMPS
161.Cracker Rag: 1913: Ragtime: Broome
162.Crown Jewels (The): Waltz: In E.R's Bumper Album: Paxton
163.Cossacks (The): March: in Merry Moments Vol. 11: Easy Marches Arr. E.R.
164.Cuckoo (The): Waltz: in E.R's. Easy Albums No. 2 LMPS
165.Cujus Animam: 1894: arranged for piano  by E.R. 
166.Cupid: Descriptive Piece: Paxton
167.Cupid's Queen: Descriptive Piece: Paxton
168.Cupid's Queen:1911: Waltz: Broome
169.Cupid Waltz : in Daisy's Tenth Album: Paxton
170.Czerny's 101 Exercises, Bks. 1 & 2: 1896: (Edited by E.R.): LMPS
171.Daddy Longlegs: Schottische: Royal Album: Allan & Co. Ltd, Melbourne, Australia
172.Dainty Little Maidens: Waltz: Paxton.
173.Daisies Waltz: in Rosie's 17th Dance Album: LMPS
174.Daisy May: 1902: Song Music Words by Johnny Devas: Arthur &  Co.
175.Daisy-Land: 1899: Waltz: LMPS
176.Daisy's Christmas Album: : E.R. and  Ida Hampden: Paxton .
177.Daisy's Coronation Album:? Mixed Album:. Paxton
178.Daisy's Fourth Dance Album: Mixed:7 E.R's of 9 in Album: Paxton
179.Daisy's Fifth Dance Album Album: Mixed: Paxton .
180.Daisy's Eighth Dance Album: Mixed: Paxton
181.Daisy's Tenth Dance Album:  Mixed: Paxton
182.Daisy's Eleventh Dance Album:Mixed: Paxton
183.Daisy's Twelfth Dance Album: Mixed: Paxton
184.Daisy's First Pantomime Album: mixed:"Aladdin":Paxton
185.Daisy's Second Pantomime Album:Mixed :"Cinderella"
186.Dan Cupid: Schottische:Merry Moments Vol. 9`:Beal, Stuttard & Co. Ltd.
187.Dance (The): Daisy's Party Album, No. 57:W. Paxton & Co. Ltd
188.Dance Album, No. 3: Daisy Album: W. Paxton & Co. Ltd
189.Dance Album, No. 10: Daisy Albums W. Paxton & Co. Ltd
190.Dance Album, No. 11: Daisy Albums W. Paxton & Co. Ltd
191.Dance of the Fairies: Merry Moments Vol 22: Beal, Stuttard & Co. Ltd



(Note: As before, spaces 191 to 200 left for  newly discovered items. See 'News' page)

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