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Ezra's Published Works List 7

601.Minuet Impromptu in B:1891: Chas Sheeard & Co
602.Miser,The: 1893:by G. Beverley, arr.ER:
603.Mistletoe: Descriptive Fantasia :
604.Mistletoe Bough (Trad.): Progressive Duets: Paxton

605.Mocking Bird Waltz: LMPS
606.Monkey's Antics:1897: Grotesque Dance :Beal & Co.
607.Monte Christo Valse: 1896: Triplets Study: Happy Days Album:Banks, Leeds
608.Moon, Moon, Silvery Moon: 1900: Song: Tizzard, Arr. ER:
609.Morning Dewdrops: Galop: Home Circle 3rd Dance Album:Marks and Spencer.
610.Moss Rose: Mazurka: ER's Easy Albums for Little Hands:LMPS.
611.Mother Shipton:Daisy's Masquerade Album No. 58@ Paxton.
612.Motor Car Galop: 1896:The Mandolinist 11, also Home Circle Dance Album No. 3: M&S           
613.Mountain Belle; 1905: Arr. ER: By Kinkel, Arr.ER:
614.Music of the Bells: Album: Album No. 59, Arr. by ER: Paxton
615.Musical Box (The): Fantasia Brilliante: LMPS.
616.Musical Box (The): Schottische: Home Circle Dance Album No,3: Marks and Spencer.
617.Musical Home Journal No.28:  1 of 5 Pieces by ER.Cassell. 
618.My Daddy's Not A Thief: 1905: Song: By Rushford, Arr.ER:LMPS.
619.My Dream: 1892: By Emest, Arr. ER:
620.My Lady Love: 1902: Schottische: Home Circle Dance Album No, : Marks and Spencer.
621.My Little Sister May: 1903: Song: By Vernis, Arr. ER:Paxton.
622.Mystic Pool:Fairy Garden party Album No, 55:Paxton.
623.National Anthems of the United Nations: 1914:LMPS.
624.Naval Brigade (The): March: Roberts, Melbourne, Australia.
625.Nearer My God to Thee:Arr. ER:  Allan, Melbourne, Australia.
626.New Century Quadrilles: 1901: LMPS.
627.New Town Band (The): 1910: Action Song: Words by T. Robinson: LMPS.
628.New Zealand: 1906: March: LMPS.
629.Nick Nacks Polka:1896: The Mandolinist, also Mandoline Album Vol.11:LMPS.

630.Night Attack on Port Arthur: 1904: Fantasia:Paxton.
631.Nile Lilies1907: Morceau de Salon: Broome.
632.North Pole (The): Descriptive Fantasia: Happy Days Album(Gem No.100): Banks of Leeds.
633.Nurse Charity: Descriptive Piece:Paxton.
634.Nurseryland: Valse: Paxton.
635.Nursery Tales: Waltz:
636. Nuts' Parade (The): 1913: One Step:
638.Ocean Bride: Polka:
639.Off to Klondyke: 1898: Descriptive Fantasia:
640.Old Captain's Song (The): Waltz:
641.O Come, All Ye Faithful: Arr. ER:
642.Old English Melodies: Fantasia:
643.Old Fashioned Christmas (An): 1906: Descriptive Fantasia:
644.Old Folks (The): 1895: Barn Dance:
645.Old Rustic Bridge by the Mill (The):
646.Old Sweet Story (The):1908: Waltz:
647.Old Sweet Story (The): Minuet:
648.Old Times: 1898: Quick March:

649.On a Houseboat: 26/06/1907: Descriptive Fantasia:
650.On Active Service: 1900: Descriptive Fantasia:
651.On Furlough: Military Sketch: Maynard
652.One Little Heart is Beating: 1904: Song:
653.Only a Dream: Dramatic Sketch:
654.Only a Sailor Boy for Me: 1899: Song:
655.Onward Christian Soldiers: Arr. ER:
656.Orange blossom: Mazurka:
657.Oranges and Lemons: Waltz
658.Oriental Beauties: Waltz:
659.Our Darlings: Polka:
660.Our Empire: Quick March:
661.Our Little Pets:
662.Our Queen: !902:Coronation Waltz:
663.Our School: 1902: Easy Drill March
664.Our Volunteers: 1907: March:
665.Out-post (The): Quick March:Mandoline & Piano: Paxton
666.Over the Ice: Galop: Rosie's 18th Dance Album: LMPS
667.Over the Waves: 1905: Duet: J. Rosas, Arr. ER:
668.Oxford Music Books, Vol.1, Very Easy: Favourite Waltzes - 1st Selection, Arr. ER: : Paxton
669.Oxford Music Books, Vol.4, Easy: Favourite Pieces -1st Selection, Arr.ER: Paxton
670.Palace (The): Pantomime Album Bk.2, No.43: Paxton
671.Palace of Parlour Games: Polka: ER's Easy Albums for Little Hands: LMPS
672.Pall Mall: 1895: Quick March: Allan, Melbourne, Australia.
673.Pansy: Waltz: The Royal Album,: Paxton.
674.Pantaloon: Quadrille: Daisy's 12th Dance Album: Paxton.
655.Pantomime Recollections: Descriptive Fantasia: LMPS

676.Paris Exhibition: 1900: Grand Waltz: LMPS.
677.Parting (The):1903: Song): Mellon, Arr. ER: Broome.
678.Party Album: : Album No.57: Paxton.
679.Peer Gynt, Op.23:1911: Incidental Music by  Grieg: :
680."Pekin" - Chinese Carnival:1900: Valse Fantasia: Broom.
681.Pekin - Chinese War March: 1900: LMPS.
682.Pen and Ink: Polka: Daisy's 11th Dance Album; Paxton.
683. Perida: 1895: Grand March: Rossini & Co.
684.Pickaninnies Parade: 1908: Humming Cake Walk: Broom.
685.Picture Show (The): .Descrip[tive Piece: Paxton.
686.Ping Pong: 1904: Quadrille: Paxton.
687. Pioneers (The): 1897: March:Banjoist No. 10: 
688.Plantation Airs: Banjo Album No.1: LMPS.
689.Playing Shops: Schottische: ER's Easy Albums for Little Hands, No. 3: LMPS.
690.Plaything: Valse: Daisy's 12th Dance Album: Paxton.
691.Playtime: Schottische: Royal Album: Allan, Melbourne, Australia.



Spaces 690 to 700 left for  newly discovered items: See 'News' page)

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