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Father Christmas Dance
I am sorry, Maaike, but I have not come across the Christmas Book which you mention, nor that particular piano piece.

However, many of Ezra's works follow a straight forward sequence and it may be possible for you to complete the last few missing bars in a satisfactory way yourself.
Posted by Joseph Read on 09 December 2019
Old father christmas
Some years ago on a trip to the UK, I bought in a charity shop a book "the children's Christmas book" no. 100 from the music lovers library. Since 3 years I learn to play the piano and I found this book in my daughters room. I want to play the old father Christmas dance, but my girl has used parts.of the book for a schoolproject. :( And now I'm missing the last line of this piece. Is there a possibility that I can find the missing bar somewhere? Thanks in advance. Greetings from Maaike
Posted by Maaike on 09 December 2019
Derby and Nottingham Music Hall Association
Dear Joe
Just a note of information. As Editor of a magazine for members the current issue features details of Empire Shirebrook and includes some brief information of Ezra and his links with the theatre. There isn't anything new about Ezra that isn't held on your web pages as I've only today found them. my page space was limited anyway. I do however have 12 pieces of his music as I have been aware of his links with Shirebrook for a long time and collected them when I've come across them in Antique shops.
Posted by on 17 December 2018
Thank you for the news about Ezra's time at Shirebrook's Empire theatre I would be interested to know which works
of Ezra's you own. As you see from the website, I collect the names of his musical items and the items themselves.
I have donated 5ome of his pieces to the Record Library in Matlock and they have a further collection of his pieces donated by others.
Posted by Joseph Readjoseph_read@hotmail.com on 17 December 2018
Thanks for your message regarding Ezra's time at the Empire, Shirebrook.
If any of your pieces of Ezra's music do not appear in my site's listings, please let me know their titles and publishers.

I cannot address you by name as there was no name on the message.
Joe Read
Posted by Joseph Read on 11 April 2019
Read on the Death and Mr Pickwick page
Hello again

I have just posted the piece on the Death and Mr Pickwick facebook page - I wanted to send you the direct link, but your spam filter has rejected it. However if you go to facebook and search on Death and Mr Pickwick and then scroll down you will see it.

If by any chance you do anything Read-related which has a visual angle, such as visiting his grave, or if you discover a recording of his Pickwick tune, do please let me know, as I would like to feature it on the page.

And if you like novels, I hope you will take a look at Death and Mr Pickwick if you get a chance! (It requires no previous knowledge of The Pickwick Papers.) Also, I hope you will mention the facebook post on your guestbook, as it may well interest others. (Feel free to edit this message.)

Many thanks for your help.

Best wishes

Posted by Stephen Jarvis on 14 January 2018
Death and Mr Pickwick page
Many thanks for your reply. I shall put together a post about Ezra Read in the next few days. I will let you know when it appears.

Best wishes

Posted by Stephen Jarvis on 10 January 2018
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