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301.Fairyland Waltz: Progressive Duets: Paxton
302.Fancyland Intermezzo: Rosie's 4th PF Album: LMPS
303.Father Christmas: Descriptive Fantasia
304.Faust: 1901: Selection of Gounod's  Opera Music Arr. ER: LMPS:
305.Favourite Airs Arr. E.R: The Mandolinist No 8: LMPS
306.Favourite Book of Waltzes: 9 easy Waltzes: Cohen's Original Penny Bazaar
307.Favourite Galops:The Oxford Music Bks1,2 arr ER: Paxton
308.Favourite Pieces, First Selection of 8 Pieces, arr ER:
309.Favourite Waltzes: The Oxford Music Bks
310.Feast of the Dolls: Ivy's Japanese Album: Paxton
311.Feast of Flowers (The): Valse: ERs Easy Albums No. 4: LMPS
312.Fernery Waltz (The): Rosie's 20th Dance Album: LMPS
313.Festival (The): School Drill March: Rosie's 8th March Album: LMPS
314.Festival Of Roses:1921
315.Fight for Freedom (The): 1914: Descriptive Fantasia: LMPS
316.Fire! Fire!: 1915: Descriptive Fantasia: LMPS....SEE LINKS TO HEAR THIS MUSIC
317.Fireworks:1924: Waltz: Happy Days Album(Gem No.100): Banks Music House
318.Fireworks: Descriptive Piece: Paxton
319.First Year Mandoline Method (The):
320.Flashing Eyes: Descriptive Piece : Paxton
321.Flashing Eyes: Easy Study: Banks House, Leeds

322Flower Petals : Waltz: Paxton
323.Flower Queen (The): Valse Aquibum: Paxton
324.Football Match (The): Descriptive Fantasia: Merry Moments Vol 22: Beal Stuttard
325.For Freedom & the Flag: Lord Robert's Grand March:
326.For Queen and Country:1900 : uick March: LMPS
327.Forest Fairies: 1903: Moonlight Dance: LMPS 
328.Forest Glade (The): Melody: ER's Easy Albums No. 4: LMPS
330.Fountain Spray:1911: Piano Solo: Broome
331.Frosty Crystals: Masurka: Daisy's Christmas Album (Ida Hampden & Ezra Read): Paxton 3
32.Frosty Morning (A):1912:Galop:LMPS
333.Fun of the Fair:Schottiche:Daisy's 10th Dance Album:Paxton
334.Garden Party (The):Sketch
335.Garden Party (The): Sketch: Merry Moments Vol 9: Beal Stuttard
336.Gathering Daisies: Fantasia: Paxton
337.Gee-Whiz: 1907: Lancers: Broome
338.Gems of the Ocean: Waltz: Paxton
339.Genius (The): Panto Album Bk 1: Paxton
340.Gentlemen in Khaki:

341.Gee-Whiz: 1907: Lancers: Broome
342.Gems of the Ocean: Waltz: Paxton
343.Genius (The): Panto Album Bk 1: Paxton
344.Gentlemen in Khaki:

345.Gerona:1896: Spanish Waltz: Broome  
346.Ghosts At Night: Descriptive Piece: Paxton
347.Gipsy Queen (The): Waltz: Merry Moments Vol. 13: Beal, Stuttard
348.Gipsy Rondo:Hayden assn. ER: Rosie's 4th  PF Album: LMPS
349.Girls' Washing Day (The):1910: Action Song: Words by T. Robinson: LMPS
350.Glittering Dewdrops:1898: Morceau de Salon: Paxton
Glory March:1905: Revival Hymns Transcription: Paxton
352.Goblin Revels: 1893: Galop de Concert: LMPS 
353.God Bless Daddy at the War:1900: Song by J, Goodwin arr ER: Paxton                
354.Goddess of Flowers (The): Waltz: Merry Moments Vol 22: Beal Stuttard                  
355.Golden Butterflies:Mazurka: Daisie's 11th Dance Album: Paxton 
356.Golden Dreamland:1905: Waltz: Broome
357.GoldenEagle (The):1913: Quick March: LMPS  
358.Golden Hours: Barn Dance: Cassell  
359.Golden Hours Barn Dance: Banjo Solo: MHJ Vol.I, No1, 2ndNov. 1904  
360.Gondomar: Merry Moments vol 11, Easy Marches 
361.Goodbye my Cingalee:1906:song: W. Tizard arr.ER  
362.Gordon Boys (The):1894: LMPS Quick March  
363.Gordon Boys (The): March: The Violinist No 4: LMPS
364.Gordon Highlanders Quick March    
3353.Grain of Salt: by Shaller and Montegue, arr ER 
366.Grand March: 1910: by Blake arr. as Piano Duet ER:   
367.Grande Marche Militaire: Merry Moments Vol.11, arr.ER 
368. Grand Vizier (The):Panto Album Bk. !,, No.42, Paxton
370.Gypsy Queen (The):Daisy's Masquerade Album No 58:Paxton
371.Half Holiday:Gavotte :Merry Moments Vol.10:Beal Stuttard  
372.Hall Of Glass:Fairy Garden Party Album:No.55:Paxton 
373.Handy Man:1900: Naval Fantasia:Broome  
374.Harlequinade:1895:Barn Dance:LMPS  
375.Happy Days Album:1924:7 Simple Pieces By ER:Banks Music House, Leeds 
376.Happy and Free: Polka Merry Moments Vl 9: Beal Stuttard 
377.Happy Moments:Favourite Bk of 9 Waltzes:Cohen's Original Arcade 
378.Happy Niggers:Waltz :Merry Moments Vol 9: Beal Stuttard 
379.Happy Playmates:Favouite Bk of 9 Waltzes: Cohen's Or.Arch. 
380.Harpe Eolienne (La): 1905 :by E.Smith: simplified ER 
381.Harvest Festival Hymn: Sabbath Evenings:MHJ Vol.II, No49 4th Oct. 1905 
382.Harvest Hymn: Sabbath Evenings: MHJ Vol.IV, No98, Sept. 1906 
383.Hearts of Oak (Trad.):Progressive Duets :Arr.ER:Paxton  
384.Heartsease:Sketch: ER's Easy Album No 2:LMPS 
385.Heartsease Mazurka:The Royal Album:Allan & Co, Australia  
386.Heimweh: by G. Gabitti:Easy Arrangement by ER: Paxton    
387.Her Majesty: 1910:Morceau de Salon: LMPS 
388Her Very First Cake-Walk:1903:Paxton 
389Her Very First Waltz:Paxton  
390erosroes Return (The):Broome 
391Hide and Seek:    
392High School Cadets (The):1903: March :Broome

(Note: As before, spaces 391 to 400 left for  newly discovered items. See 'News' page


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