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201.Dance With Me:1903: Polka: Leonard & Co.
202.Dancing Dolls: Polka: Ezra Read's Easy Albums for Little Fingrs No. 3: LMPS
203.Dancing Girl: Waltz: Ivy's Japanese Album: W. Paxton & Co. Ltd.
204.Dancing in the Moonlight: Plantation Dance in E.R's Bumper Album: W. Paxton
205.Dancing Dolls: Polka: Ezra Read's Easy Albums for Little Fingrs No. 3: LMPS
206.Dancing Pansies: 1905: Morceau de Salon: LMPS
207.Darby and Joan March: 1897: LMPS
208.Darby and Joan Waltz: 1904 (also duet):LMPS
209.Darkies' Breakdown (The): 1897: The Banjoist No. 6. 
210.Darkies' Christening (The): Nigger Sketch: MHJ Vol.IV, No101, 3rd Oct. 1906
211.Darkies Dream (The): by Lansing Arr. E.R: Banjo Album Vol.1, No 2 & The Banjoist: LMPS

212.Darkie's Dream: by Lansing Arr. E.R: The Mandolinist No. 13:LMPS
213.Darkyland: 1902:Fantasia on 13 Nigger Melodies:LMPS
214.Darling Mabel's Reply:1897: Song by J. Devas (arranged E.R.)
215.Dashing Darkies: 1913: Ragtime: LMPS
216.Daisy's Music of the Bells: No 39): W. Paxton & Co. Ltd.
217.Daylight - A Blind Boy's Song: 1909: Words by T. Robinson: Arthur & Co.
218.Dear Auld Scotlans: Scotch Dance: ER's Easy Album : LMPS
219.Dear Old "Bobs": Song : Words T. Robinson:Daisy Bank Pub. Co. Manchester

220.Dear Old Name of Mother::Song:Will Godwin:Arr. ER:Paxton
221.Diamond Jubilee (The):1897:March:LMPS
222.Dinah:1897:Waltz:The Banjoist No. 41: also Banjo Album Vol.1 
223.Dick Whittington: Rosie's 20th Dance Album: LMPS
224.Dignity: 1902: Gavotte:

225.Dick Whittington: Rosie's 20th Dance Album: LMPS
226.Dignity: 1902: Gavotte:

227.Dinah: Valse: The Banjoist No. 41: also,Banjo Album No. 2: LMPS
228.Doll's Christmas Party (The): Waltz: ER's Easy Albums No.2: LMPS
Doll's First Ball (The): Waltz: ER's Easy Albums No. 2: LMPS
230.Doll's Quick March: Merry Momenrs Vol. 22: Beal. Stuttard &Co. Ltd
231.Domino (The): Daisy's Masquerade Album No. 58: Paxton

232.Donkey Ride (A): Descriptive Piece: W. Paxton & Co. Ltd.
233.Don't Go Up In The Air, Daddy: 1917: Song: Escott & Co                                                     234.Don't Tease: 1897: Schottische:                                                                                       235.Down The Road: 1894: Song by F.Gilbert, Arr. ER                                                               236.Doctor Jameson's Grand March: The Violinist: LMPS
237.Down the Road:1894: Song by F. Gilbert arr.ER
238.Dream Visions:1912: Waltz: W.H. Broome
239.Dreamy Daniel:1913: Ragtime Two-Step: LMPS
240.Drefus: 89: A Reverie: LMPS
241.Drifting Clouds:1908: Fantasia-Mazurka:Broome
242.Drill March:1913:
243.Duke of Cornwall and York Grand Waltz:1901: LMPS

244.Dusky Lovers: Barn Dance: ER's Bumper Album: Paxton
245.Dusky Maidens: Derbyshire Time & Chesterfield Herald: 1905
246.Dwarfs Polka (The): Daisy's 5th Dance Album: Paxton                                                     247.Eastertide: Minuet for Piano and Organ: Newnes' Home Musical (Library?)
248.Easy Albums No. 1 Regina Series:
249.Eber Waltz
250.Ezra Read's Easy Pianoforte Tutor:1897:LMPS
251.Ezra R's School of Melodious & Progressive Studies:1920:  BooKs 1, 1a & 2
252.Eidelweiss:by Lange,arr. ER:Rosie's 4th PF Album: LMPS
253.Elf Land: Waltz:1907: LMPS
254.Elves and Goblins:1909:Action Song: Words T.Robinson: LMPS
.Elves Waltz: Daisy's 5th Dance Album: Paxton
256.En Avant:1896:Quick March: The Mandolinist No 12: LMPS
257.End of the Party:
258.Entrancing: 1896: Spanish Waltz: The Mandolinist No 5: LMPS
259.Europe in Arms:1914: War March: LMPS
260.Evening Shadows:1903:Waltz: Broome
261.Evening Stars: Intermezzo: Merry Moments 10: Beal Stottard
262.Evensong:1907: Sacred Fantasia: LMPS
263."Excelsior" Vamping Tutor: 1898: LMPS
264.101Exercises for Pianoforte: Czerny Edited ER:  
265.Exhibition Dance:1908: LMPS
266.Express Galop: Descriptive Piece: Paxton
267.Ezra Read's Bumper Album::Paxton
268.Ezra Read's Easy Albums for Small Hands Nos 1,2 3:1912-13: LMPS
269.Ezra Read's Easy American Organ Tutor:1910: LMPS
270.Ezra Read's Easy Catechism of Music: 1911: LMPS
271.Ezra Read's Easy Pianoforte Tutor:1897: LMPS
272.E.R's School of Melodious & Progressive Studies(Bks1,1a,2):1920:LMPS
273.E.R's Simple Mandoline Tutor: Paxton
274.Fairies@ Dance in the Forest (The): Merry Moments Vol.10: Beal Stuttard                             275.Fairies' Garden Party Album, No 55: Paxton
276.Fairy Bells:Favourite Bk of 9 Waltzes: Cohen's Original Penny Bazaar

277.Fairy Dance: Valse: Ezra Read's Easy Albums for Little Fingrs No. 3: LMPS
278.Fairy Dancers: Fairy Garden Party Albun No 56: Paxton
279.Fairy Dell: Fairy Garden Party Album No 56: Paxton

280.Fairy Dolls: Waltz: Ezra Read's Easy Albums for Little Fingrs No. 3: LMPS
281.Fairy Frolics:1902: Morceau de Salon: LMPS
282.Fairies' Garden Party Album, No. 55 ? Mixed
283.Fairy Godmother (The):Panto Album Bk 2, No 43:Paxton
284.Fairy Godmother Waltz:Daisy's 11th Dance Album: Paxton
285.Fairy Lanterns: Daisy's Masquerade Album No 58: Paxton
286.Fairy Prince: Waltz: Paxton
287.Fairy Queen (The): 1907: Galop by E.Sydney arr.ER: Paxton
288.Fairy Revels:Graceful Dance: Paxton
289.Fairy Spell: Waltz: Daisy's 5th Dance Album: Paxton
290.Fairy Tales: Waltz: Paxton


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