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 Circle-C, The Trial



Jeanette Johnsen  - Solfaris Howard

A lovely steady border collie who kept his distance and did his best with sheep used to being worked up close!


Claudia Wachter  - Besavari Szivarvanyos Flora


Jou Jou, a Beardie of Hungarian bred show lines, almost faultless, just a small glitch at an obstacle here and there. 

Eva Kolbl  - Murphy

 A handsome red merle Australian Shepherd, tries hard for his quiet handler, occasionally overflanks. Watch those sheep, Eva!

Gerlinde Krachler  - Ulla Black Livies v.d. Silbermine


A very smooth performance from this pair, just a little confusion on approaching the 'Stop'

Sabine Pulides  -  Great Phoebe of Charlie's Dogs


'Pushy!' I have written in my notes! But she managed to 'Down' and showed off her potential beautifuly! A flowing beardie!

Eva Kolbl -  Benny - Inherit The Wind


A large red n white Australian Shepherd who got all his obstacles 'just right'

Diana Spieler -  George van den Kliene Baron

JoJo the beardie stopped now and then for a good sniff -  boys! - but still put in a good, accurate round.

Peter Fux   - Xancinetti Ducky Jonathon


Super little beardie Merlin just got a little ahead of the game at times, anticipating the next thing and a little inclined to fight the commands!


Claudia Wachter  - Wild Fuchur Black Livies v.d. Silbermine


Yes, this is a good beardie dog, works so well for handler who sees him not often enough! Over flanks and applies too much pressure for the sheep on the day at times, good faults!

Petra Loibner  - Intschu


First of the Briards, and a big, impressive dog well controlled. Hardly put a foot wrong, and the winner, on the day.

Gerlinde Krachler  - Lindsey's Black Dandy of Dog4U


Orthello, a beardie dog, very strong, cleverly handled, ignored a couple of vital down commands!

Petra Loibner  -  Cochoumee


A baby Briard who gleefully put them back in the take out pen, thoroughly enjoyed himself with a good round!

Anita Karner  - American Aussie's Catherine's Charity


This little black n white Aussie bitch seemed just a little out of her depth on the day, but tried hard.

Heidi Vanderbroeck  -  Farouche


A super trial, and Heidi's fault, I wrote, that he split his sheep, at one point!  A relaxed dude, a nice, helpful dog! He came 4th.

Anita Karner  -   B-Miles of Goldensun Ranch


A black tri Aussie with a very straight approach, splitting the sheep up, but regained control well.

Petra Loibner  -  Cheveyo


Another golden Briard, who allowed his sheep slight hesitation at one of the obstacles, and over shot the pen, still came second.

Johanna Wurm   - Mimsi


A Pumi!  A LOT of dog in a small, cute, black woolly package.She indulged in a little sniffing about, but had the sheep's full respect very quickly.

Petra Loibner -  Yukon


A Briard who gave the impression he'd really rather be some where else today. Well handled to complete the course.

Willi Stevens - Enid

A determined beardie bitch with lots of bark, a bit of over flanking but her sheep sense was enough to earn them the 6th place!

Ursula Holli -  Momo


A little trouble keeping the sheep on course to the final pen created problems, but this Briard got them in and completed the cours in fine style.

Petra Loibner  - Apache


Big dog with a big bark! Strong on the sheep, over flanking and pushing on, very keen, well managed.  





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