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Manual Reviews

I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading “Another Way”.  When I received the book, I was well on my training  journey with Willow, our Bearded collie.  Well, we have added on to the family and now have a 7 month old.  I can’t tell you how many times I have read & re-read the book!  It is too cold and snowy here now to herd but come Spring, I will be ready to embark on another herding adventure.
Thanks again for writing such a great book.  I look forward to your next one.

"Hi Jackie, I bought a copy of your book. Love the pictures. I really enjoyed reading it. "The color is beautiful and your drawings are delightful as well as illustrate your points quite well. The exercise you describe on page 24 is also one I use quite frequently.
All the best,"

Kind Regards, Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor"


Subject: Re: I have something hairy with which I wish to work stock....LOL

  'Just a quick note to let you know it arrived safely and has been read cover to cover.  Would have been nice to have had something like this when I started herding, but will be a good basis for trying to do things better with our next puppy :) '

Dave  in Finland!


"I really enjoyed looking through the manual, and saw so many of the things I tell my students.  I will be recommending it to them, a very friendly book for beginners."

from Linda Roram, U S A ...Thanks !


From Lynn Leach, Canada ... 

What a joy it has been reading through your book Jackie!!!  

I am particularly thrilled to see a boxer on the front cover!!!  I work with a boxer, and compete with him - he has some incredible instinct, and has done such a great job!!  
You have so many *sayings* or * expressions* that are similar to what I teach!!  I was super surprised to read them all......  The people in the UK are very lucky to have you!!! 
I have a few friends there, and I'd like to send them your contact info - if that's ok with you.   Kylie has ACDs, and she is a vet on assignment to the UK for just 2 years.  She's been quite frutstrated because of the lack of all-breed herding over there.   She did come over to Switzerland while I was there, so she could actually let her dogs work sheep - but if she lives close to you - she would be so happy to be able to work her dogs!!! 
Thank you so much for sending me the booklet Jackie - and thankyou Mary for doing all the background work, and hooking us up!!!! 
I hope to meet you one day!

From Mary Lott, in Oregon, USA... Many thanks !

Than let me tell you about a new little text that Jackie Goulder (from 
ComeBye Collies)  has put out for her students.  It is designed to go 
along with their lessons as those good folk build and work toward good 
stockmanship, using their dogs, and the building of a program for 
upright dogs...including...grin BEARDIES.

I've had the good fortune to be penpaling with Jackie over the last 
year.  We've been happily sharing dogs, ideas, pats on the backs, and 
for me I've gotten some really lovely encouragement.

Welllll  Jackie very kindly sent me a copy of her new little manual..
There is Another 'Way...! (Other Breeds Can Herd) and its a cracker 

48 pages of British wit, to the point observations, stratgies, 
wonderful little sketches and terrific colored photos, and very down 
to earth comments..all 48 pages.  It is designed for beginners and 
deals with on and off sheep projects from discussion of Instinct and 
Instinct testing to the first steps of driving and OLF.  There's 
going to be a follow up "text" dealing with SHEEP  (Well Read Sheep)

While I said it was for beginners I found some lovely tidbits and 
sigh, some VERY down to earth comments about how I could HELP my dog 
instead of hindering him.

Deb gets to see it Monday as I will happily tuck it away for my Monday/
Tues outing...I'll be curious if she is excited about it as I am.

Again it is designed as a textbook/manual and I love its teaching style.

IF there is enough interest... I can ask Jackie to bulk mail a bunch 
over and I can distribute...  its practically an "in house" 
publication (Whitby England) and not set up for PayPal (I don't think) 
or such.  As I say the color plates are lovely and watching Mirk, 
Belle, and Diva (along with an Aussie, a Pyr, Valhound, GSD, and yes a 
Boxer) go through their paces in demonstrating different points is a 

At this point I believe its 10£'s which translates to about $16.00 
with postage to be considered...hence the thought of a bulk shipment..

Anyway if anybody has any questions about this text don't hesitate to 
email me...
I welcome it as a marvelous addition to my working library....yes 

Here are some quotes:

"A training guide for the sheepless shepherd with something hairy they 
wish to work on stock"

"Strive for perfection, but, day by day, seek only for improvement"

"Very little of what the dog first does around sheep will be wrong. 
Maybe 'inappropriate', but not bad dog stuff."

"Put the commands on the actions, in a gentle, pleasant tone, and 'If 
in doubt, say nowt.'"

"Widen the gaps between nice and nasty" (in reference to verbals and 

And a section I personally got a huge kick out of was Clues, Cues, and 
Body Language.

So let me know if I've sparked any interest....



From Liz Jay

Congratulations to Jackie on this neat little book, filled with wit and wisdom, and enhanced with great photographs and sketches.  Training advice for the beginner herder, with no background stock experience, and a "minority" herding breed of unknown aptitude, is discouragingly hard to come by.

 I consider myself lucky to claim Jackie as a friend, and to have watched her training progress first with Border Collies, and more recently via Bearded Collies to other fascinating herding breeds, not commonly seen as sheepdogs, at least not here in the UK.  Her flair for training dogs is matched by an ability to put her ideas and methods into words, so that for those of us to whom such thoughts do not come naturally is given at last an opportunity to study a little "theory" - and be somewhat better prepared when we venture out with our dogs into the herding situation.

Hobby herding is attracting a whole range of dog owners, and is a gloriously addictive pastime, endlessly fascinating, not least because there is always so much to learn - and Jackie's book meets a very real need to educate the owners.  In humorous, commonsense, style it sets out the pleasures and pitfalls, techniques and training tips we all need.  Intended to accompany practical work in the paddocks, it also stands alone as a useful read for anyone interested in sheepdogs and their training.


From Fiona Cameron:

 Hi jackie - is the manual impressive or what! Just a bummer that i have 2 go 2 work now or wud spend whole afternoon reading it. Oh and a cute val in in 3 pics looks sorta familiar! Thankyou 4 including him n hope you are as proud as u should be!   

Fiona, Thanks!



From Heather Corkin and Zorro ...


All Breeds Herding Book Now available!
This is the first Handbook detailing practical sheep herding for non border collie / WSD taking place in the U.K.
Primarily designed as an accompaniment to practical training in the discipline, it functions well as a stand alone text broadening understanding of the sport, and how GSD's can be trained to fulfil their original function in this country.
It will be an invaluable aid to those involved in herding at whatever early stage, and an interesting pre read to those considering attendance at a course this year.
Well written by the author (a very experienced shepherdess actively involved in competition) with easy to follow diagrams and well stocked with relevant photographs
Thankyou !


Have been showing around the new manual and it has created lots of
interest.  Boxer people in the British Boxer Club have been amazed that
sheep could be worked by the breed.  One lady in particular, one Mandy
Laidlaw, who has boxers doing gundog work in Northumberland was
particularly taken with the work.  Your helpful comments on the basic
training of dogs not normally used to sheep has inspired owners with
whom I train on basic obedience and agility to realise that the boxer is
a truly versatile breed.  My vet was particularly impressed  and is
looking forward to hearing more.
Many thanks to Jackie for her dedicated work in promoting herding in
other breeds and widening the view of working for them.
This is good to hear, thankyou, Di!




 I just wanted to let you know that I received the manual yesterday and I think it is wonderful! If you are placing a bulk order for Well Read Sheep when it is released please keep me on your list of people who would like a copy. Thanks!

Kelly Drake
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