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Well Read Sheep

Its been burning a hole on my desk for three days...I just did not have mental time or energy to give it fair play.  I've known the rudiments of the book as it was built...but to have my hands on led to giggles, "YES" comments under my breath, 'oh my's' on my part, more giggles, 'really???' thoughts, and OMG, 'is THAT why a sheep moved  where it did, and in the manner it did.'

 I couldn't be more tickled with the second in Jackie's series of small manuals pointed toward you and I...the hobby herder...who simply wants more, and sometimes has no background in  understanding stock...or in some cases...HUGE GRIN...even ourselves.
 A blurb will of course go out on BDL, but not till next you  guys have a bit of a lead in...if you feel like it, feel free to pass  the word, to what ever other lists.
Pictures...up the yahoo..and all types of dogs
Brit Wit?...oh my doG...does snorting up my wine glass count???
BUT in reality, and honestly small details of what to look for, real  life experiences (does a broken leg on Jackie's part count for real  life?) AND most important...a real window into WHY SHEEP are what they are,  and we are NOT NOT NOT to take them for granted.  This is herding,
from the SHEEPS point of view!
Thanks to Mary Lott for her review !

now available!

The first part,

'THERE IS ANOTHER 'WAY', a manual to go with instinct testing and early training of other shepherding breeds,

 is now being reprinted. 

A few copies of 'Barking Mad', the story of herding with beardies for us in North Yorkshire, introducing characters of the hairy kind to sheep...

Still a few left! 

To order,

Contact me on this site or e mail

Cheques or PayPal are welcome! 


Any one can write a book but everybody needs an Ann Bowes to iron out the glitches.


Hi Jackie,
Books have arrived, thank you. I've already started reading 'There is
another way' and i've already have finished it ;-) I'm gonna take it
to my trainer at my lokal dogschool where I herd with my dog Enid. He
can still learn from it ;-) They are impressed by her skills but
sometimes (actualy a lot of times) they get nervous by her barking and
'sillyness' behavior ;-) well, it's not a Border Collie I tell
them ;-)) But it's hard, I don't wan to give her the 'border collie'
treatment they teach, hard corrections, shouting, chasing her with a
stick to get respect from her as they tell me, sometimes it's hard
being a herding Bearded Collie among Border Collies ;-))
all the best,
Willy Stevens | O.L.-Vrouwstraat 49

'BARKING MAD' is "A celebration covering many years of using beardies for sheep work, Jackie's sense of humour is as always prominent in this book, but that just makes the learning experience more fun for handler and dog" (from "International Sheepdog News" magazine)

For more reviews, see web page, Manual Reviews.


  'Just a quick note to let you know it arrived safely and has been read cover to cover.  Would have been nice to have had something like this when I started herding, but will be a good basis for trying to do things better with our next puppy :) '

Dave  in Finland!


Books are £10 each, plus £1 p n p, Pay pal is an option.

contact me by e mail to exchange addresses.

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