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Australian Shepherds

Bris Tracking!





Shishona first quick spin at Glebe of summer!



At the Ranchdog Trails, Washington, USA,

Sweet Star

The talented Cricket, who won one of the three days of trials.


Cricket watches her litter brother take a turn

 Her brother Spyder (What's with the Insect litter?)



Mav Learning a basic outrun round the edge of the pen

Faith handling the Shetlands

and Bandit shows some style!






and Mav a good session today!


vikki Wong's baby Bandit, 5 months!

Faith and Jo working on corners

Faith shows eye!



And Jillie

Have moments ! Linda very brave! 


Letter from America

I got one more shot which I think very cool. This is at the end of
run, sheep nicely controled through the Y chute.  Permission
received.  Thanks!
I found I LOVED the Scotties, if dog was right they handled like a
dream... if not..they were all over the map.  they are NOT used to
things like the arena or the Y chutes...they are the training sheep
for the field work..yet they have been beautifully brought up and are
as honest as the day is long...but the dog HAD to control them or they
would NOT go through stuff.
Owner/Handler: Lisa Bell
Dog: Aussie, Touchstone Certain Victory, aka Winston
Site: Lakebay WA
Venue ASCA Ranch Dog
(gal won the class by the way...really cool work)

Ranch Dog Trial... The Shute


'Sunny held em and they turned and flowed through the chute toward thesorting gate..five to go into the open field behind, five marked with
neck ribbons) into the near pen.  Chute is a "wire" chute hard to see
other than the position of the sheep was beautifully
paced and done.'


Making strides in his training,

Maverick and Vikki.

Thanks to Vikki for introducing her ducks Poppadom and Pickletray

(Indian runners, geddit?) and I award a medal as big as a dustbin lid to Poppadom and Pickletray, instinct testing! Sue's bonnie 5 n a half  week old puppies!


In control.. Faith with Jo

and round the sheep.

Mav on song!




Brief time out for Mav ...

Faith ,with owner Jo, faces a tough challenge and earns a patter of applause when the sheep backed down !

Monkey and Sue in a spin after a slow start ...


Vikki and Maverick flanking 'by ...

and Sullivan. rushing to save mum Sandra from death by sheep ...  Good day !

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