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Trainer's Report  2010


Loki, Fi, Megan.  Dottie, Stanley and Karen,   Liz and Maisy,  Roller, Di and Cilla. Peggy and Amanda. 

Madge, Beattie, Liz and Diva.  Roxy and Christine.  Janice, Mokka, Coco and Rolly.

Sue with Tali ,Maggie with Sam, Vikki n Maverick, Jo and Faith, John n Oscar, Eion with Remy and baby Pia.

From my point of view, very sadly missed was Linda with Izzy and Harry, facing huge challenges and changes at home. A pregnant bitch related crisis also kept Heather, Zorro and Pixie away, and Shane with little Celeste, having dressings on a wounded hind leg changed. Definitely not her first choice of activity. Nell Emerson was in season. The bitch!


it is a year since I broke my leg, started to write Another Way, Barking Mad and, poised on the slip for launch, Well Read Sheep. Highlights of that time were hearing my Drs. dicussing possible treatments, in broken English, "Is ok. Is thin leg. Is thin lady"! the other was the blessed kindness of the faithful band who made sure the dogs and I had visitors, snacks, walks, trips to Xray as appropiate every single day till I was mobile again, a good 8 weeks. 

All the keen herders came back with their owners in spring, and began to make progress in the most rewarding way. I learnt a lot from you all, and from venturing out with my own beardie, Mirk, to some other sites. I was so very proud of the vallhunds, who have made really ground breaking progress, and endured a truly awful day in the rain, with John, Oscar, Sue, Tali and Mirk at a New Handler trial. We had a visit from the Austrian beardies, great fun, and a Border Collie K C test, well catered for by Christine and Christine; thankyou!

We finished the year with what I called Knockouts, fun tests to highlight useful attributes in a working sheepdog, including herding, sociability, and obedience.

It's looking as if I may, next year, be going to America, observing their Ranch trials!

Look out everyone for next year!

Thankyou all, have a happy Christmas,see you all next year, fingers crossed! 


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