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Pyrenean Sheepdogs at work !


Remy on course







Is growing up!

Pia is working on Steady


Remy is aware that Steady exsists, as a concept, but


Rarely nods in its direction!


18th/19th June

Good Luck in France! 

Past her CANT test with honour!






And Pia



Pia spots the paparazzi



going well






Remy Mr Cool today!

Lie down!


Pia the young Pyrenean bitch had her first go out of the round pen!




Remy has been to see Nij Vyas...Did you mange to take any photos, Eion?

Maybe no time for happysnapping, but here at Glebe, at a year old,

Pia shows some interest inpreparing for her French Instinct tests.




Early Summer, 2010 

It gives me great pleasure to reproduce this e mail from the Flints who recently tackled sheepherding in Belgium! Thanks for the pics!



Hi Jackie,
Below is link to a YouTube video of Remy from our trip to Belgium at
the end of June. Unfortunately the person who took the video had
problems with our camcorder and failed to get anything of Celeste which was a real pity as she was a little star in her sessions.
The Remy footage isn't great quality but I have managed to put most of it together now. It was a scorching hot day but both dogs did well. The
shepherd (who is actually a border collie man but has done a lot of
work with the Pyreneans) thought both dogs demonstrated a strong
instinct and had already developed some good skills. he really loved
Remy's work ethic and the fact that he worked "off the sheep" which
interestingly he thought was not usual in a Pyrenean. The sessions were
set up as you might expect, starting off with an assessment in a small
circular enclosure and then driving the sheep out into a large open
field. the field was about the size of your 7 acre field so a good
sized space. He was looking for the normal things (i.e. engagement and
level of interest, ability to balance the flock, movements both ways,
stops etc). As part of the session each dog was also given the
opportunity to engage the sheep from distance. He explained it as a
type of outrun. he wanted to see if the dogs had the interest to engage
with the sheep at distance and then to see how they approached the
sheep. He wasn't expecting any real sophistication but he wanted to see
the if the dogs firstly would engage at all from a distance and
secondly whether they approach at a good angle and come in behind the
sheep and start to lift them. A lot of the dogs just piled in and split
the sheep but as you can see from the video Remy managed to keep off
and get back into balancing.
It was a really interesting weekend and a chance to get to see about 10
other Pyreneans in action. Apart from a couple of dogs that really
showed no interest whatsoever, most seemed to fall into a pattern that
you would recognise, lots of chasing and barking, close in contact
splitting the flock but generally wanting to balance and respond to
their handler. There were 2 other  dogs with previous herding
experience showing the same sort of skills as Remy and Celeste but
certainly not any better and we came away with a bit of a confidence
boost that we had a couple of good little dogs with potential.
Click on this short one too, at Glebe Farm in Sep 09, with Jackie, sadly failing to play an accordian at the same time!

Click on this, Pyrenean Sheepdogs Can Work sheep!

This is the best example I have seen of a co-operating, talented, positive shepherding Pyrenean Sheepdog. Worth a look!

Below a fascinating insight into french shepherding, featuring a very tolerant flock of sheep, a patient, self confident pyrenean sheepdog, and assorted children, one of whom is wielding a coach whip against all and sundry.

Try clicking the above a link to a pair of something small and hairy working a very large flock of ewes with lambs in the Alps. One seems tailess and short legged, the other has a fine, low carried tail that appeals to a UK shepherd...

That's a bit different! Fleur is a merle pyrenean sheepdog.

A charming little dog, with no interest whatsoever in herding, but the sheep were convinced she might have!

16/4/10 Laid down Remy, smiling handler!  Remy was very good!


Celeste is calm on her second session, yet more committed,

and achieved a Stand There!

Remy was tough, committed, managed to 'keep off' most of the time,

and gave us several downs, this being one of his less convincing efforts, Hi, Mum. 


A disciplined training morning!

25/1/10   Now its time to train the humans... Hold these sheep away from the fence and on to the cones in the middle of the field ...


19/10/09    Time to get Celeste off her arse and Work; Eion and border collie Joss got her circling out in the open field, after some confusion she settled to it well.

Remy managed without Joss, thank you.




9/10/09    Celeste and Eion get going  in the 'Turkey' pen


and Shane with Remy, full steam ahead  ...




The two day annual Work/Herd/Conformation show at Argeles-Gazost in the Pyrenees was attended by Shane and Eion Flint, Remy and Celeste's owners.

It is possible that if Berger owners in the UK are interested, we can run a herding weekend for you next year, with a French expert in attendance.

If this idea interests you e-mail the Flints ...


 Remy' s debut into the big field with his little well bossed flock ! 

In control !


The herding scrubbing brush with attitude...

We are "putting him on the whistle " and getting his "sides on him "

Not only that, he lay down "at the point of balance " several times ! 

For an interesting utube of a Pyrenean sheepdog competing in a French test, click

 and this, some sort of french test with a docked dog

Click for Map
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