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Sheep dog training
Do you offer any sheep dog training. With owner ? We've a year old collie. We are from Ripon
Posted by Catherine raw on 18 May 2016
So good to see pages like this, I gave up herding 3 years ago ,as I did it for a living a retired my faithful beardie Gem ,whom sadly passed away aged 13 years 3 months ago, had many days and thousand of miles walked, bringing in sheep for local farmers, so glad that people are learning the dying art of herding, keep up the good work xx
Posted by alison gallacher on 01 November 2011
Well thank you! We have a lot of fun and enjoy some great dogs, some really surprize their owners with their responses to working sheep!
Posted by Jackie on 01 November 2011
practical herding test
Super super day Jackie! thanks for organising :)) hope the gates stay put we want another go LOL vik n mav n bandit
Posted by vikki n mav n bandit on 21 September 2011
No sheep for a bit! Also been called for JURY DUTY 3rd Oct...
Looks like that week may well have been our year end herding wise, will see how Autumn weather holds up!
Posted by on 21 September 2011
Lynn Leach Clinic
Thank you so much for organising this, an idea which seemed out of reach eventually became a reality! Lynn was amazing and it was an honour to watch her in action, she was so tireless and dedicated. Look forward to seeing a few pics soon and wishing you continued success with "all-breeds herding"
Posted by Liz on 02 August 2011
Hoping to get the pictures up soon, it was great to have such a variety of breeds, all showing talent! Thanks for your support!
Posted by Jackie on 05 August 2011
Photo on site
What fun seeing Blue on your web site. It's the first time I've seen him in a still while working and it's fun to see. It was also weird to see Cossie on your home page as she looks just like our Blue from the back! Hope you had as much fun as we did at the Harden Moss Dog trails. See you next year.
Posted by Mimi Davies on 22 June 2011
They all seem to have the lovely silvery 'brush'!
Posted by Jackie on 22 June 2011
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