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Impressive utube of Kelpies working in Sweden







Full Speed Ahead!

Thanks to Nidderdale Sheepdogs and Kim Gibson for this stunning picture!

And this link to video of Zandie working! I love this!


Yellow Peril narly 9 months old!

Photo'd by Christine, the day before she was visited by her older sister Vickie, a blue...


her litter brother Zac, bright black n Tan 

 and an assortment of others from Kim Gibson's kennel... A Kelpie Kluster?



and baby, Jan.



Ranchdog Rally 12/3/11

Rue! I took not one photo of your determined little face pacing after your sheep! I could really do with a picture, if owner can spare one?

Washinton, USA. Just under British Columbia, above Oregon, among moss draped conifer forests, circled by large live volcanos, shrouded in mist and driving rain, three Ranch dog trials took place 11/12/13th of March 2011. Amongst the breeds competing were several kelpies!

Below is Motje




Young Bitch, Tempi



These two are litter brother Donally ( The Great One, the native American name for one of the volcanos I didn't see - did I mention it rained A LOT?) and Tempi, very different temprements. David is setting out the sheep here for Tempi's lift.











 (No one expressed the jealousy I expected when I told 'em mine's gold. Pure gold!)

Goodness what big teeth!

Friend Maggie taken

to a lost glove

and 'Track on!'


Loves to drive!

7 months old, plenty of reach!

Watch the backmarkers!

She does take flank commands if you are in the right position, also it is possible to to stop and walk up to her to finish, but basically not 'trained' yet, these pics just taken as we moved around a very sensible bunch of sheep who allow her to find her place!

I find her great fun, intellgent, active and responsive, but quite independent as well.She likes to please, but not slavishly so, micro obedience not high on her list. Think beardie rather than border; though she does have a pleasing low style, and no bark! on sheep!


A fascinating clip from Australia about the biggest sheap shearing shed in Australia...there are glimpses of kelpies at the begining!





Fellow aussies, Australian Cattledogs, attempt herding at Barbara Sykes'

Seems to have been a bit scary!

But if you are serious about herding with ACDs, check this out

From Australia. Leads to links of more training.

Click above for links to working kelpies in France, including a yellow one!


Thanks to Christine for these pictures of Zandie


Either way

Evidence of eye



Like her namesake, Sandie the Indomitable, Zandie (the Z is to avoid confusion in the photo files) looks as if Confrontation is her favourite thing.


Tess had a sad experience today, bumped by a cross shetland, who know her limitations. Tess does not do Confrontation.

 But she put a brave face on because she had a Fan!


Zandie the kelpie pup!


The link above will take you straight to Australia!  Marvelous kelpies working Yard trials on great big merino sheep. It helps a UK first time kelpie person like me grasp the Kelpie work method,developed for Australian stock working conditions. Salute the differance! 


Tess has begun to take sides and and stops, so I can start to handle sheep with her. She remains diffident, careful and gentle, though when she gets going she is quite keen now.


Tess is very gentle, very careful, very easy to distract and put off. 

I have given many short, exciting twirls round sheep, to build up confidence and concentration. She began to excel as a Round Pen school mistress dog, because of her willing, pliable nature, showing humans how to use body language to direct a dog!

Rake training the human.


A side effect has been that she has learnt to wear behind!


Season Finished! Spin round the training sheep this morning!

She did split that one off, being a bit hasty, but did not want to leave it behind.

Likes to tuck in behind and take them places.

At speed. Short session, but maintained her concentration and came off well. No lead!


A lovely young Kelpie bitch has come to stay at The Glebe.  Her name is Tess.

Tess is very in season and very new, so I tried her first in the training pen.  She is cheerfully aloof and I am not sure if I could catch her, hence long line. Luckily she stops for a wee a lot.


 She circles well, either way, likes to split if she gets a chance, but settled down for this nice approach, and lift out of the corner!

 I collected her from Kim Gibson, who had been half way house for her trip from Scotland. Kim is a big Kelpie fan, and has a rainbow range of colours!


Kim Gibson with her Little Blue kelpie pup today!


Mouthy little beast!


I am getting a kelpie!  A yellow one!  This is her, last October, in her home in Scotland! Scroll down the blog till you get to 'Tess'


This a black and tan bitch pup, by Kim's red tri, Jed.

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