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The Birds of Glebe

This wise robin spent the cold weeks of snow between the Keepers Kitchen and the Baitroom!

Baby Goldfinch lost at the Zoo

Grew into this, living in the greenhouse!

Blackbird in the Snow


18/12/09  Nearly there! 


Today.15/11/09, Boris is 30 grms and Sibling 20. They look the same, just a little moreof them; next pics when they open their eyes, touch wood.


Meet Boris and Sibling, umbrella cockatoo chicks I am hand rearing from the zoo...just a nice job for someone temporarily house bound with a knackered knee.

This is Boris, came in at 14 grams, now at 5 days = 20 gm, and

Sibling,1 day old and already up from 12 to 14 gms.  Fingers crossed for these little scraps.

A pair of Snowy egrets resident in the Reserve at the end of the road ...

 A glorious pheasant ...

Sweet French Partridge...

A pair of  Woodpeckers...

Valued friends about the place...


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