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Valiant Vallhunds


Lynn Leach Clinic


Gate Work


Stick Work.

Puppy Work!




Those Rouges!




It's A Great White Shark!!!  Another One! Just when you thought it was safe to go out in the paddock...


is a link to a lady working a herding test in Arizona.




He learnt today that if you are TOO beserk & get TOO close to cattle hooves you get a kick to the muzzle...... Luckily only a glancing blow, it clearly hurt, but 10 secs later he shook himself off, & returned to driving the 4 steers around the field. Crazy little guy! Scared of shadows but not of livestock.......
Think he will have a lump on his nose tomorrow! Am very glad I worked them with sheep before cattle, to learn 'stop' etc!!


New Handler's Trial, South Lakes

The first time a vallhund ever stepped up to a trial post! Go, Loki!

Megan too! Less fazed by the men, dogs and scenery, she made an equally brave attempt to get her swales. Fiona stayed cool and all of us agree it was worth the rain, the long drive, early starts, B n B etc to be given the chance to have a go!



Never mind the quality of the picture

look how wide the dog is! ( That dot off to the right)


Synchronised ears...

Marvin, Whoopi and Millie.

Thanks Lorraine, for the pics you contributed on 22/6/10!

Useful Link to a site where the kennel herds with its vallhunds!

For ok U.K. vunderVallhunds in action, click below for Loki.

 Click below for Megan.


Now you go over there and shut the gate, Loki...

Megan over there please...


and Loki. potraits. And finally

Fiona and Megan in right place at right time!




The hoggs are now Shearlings!



Back to Yorkshire!

Megan flanking, and STOPPING!

Follor On!!! As does Loki!!!



Vallhunds Find Sheep !


fiona had a cold and could only face working Loki today, his expression says keep your germs...


Loki has his brain reconected!


Loki's brain temporarily disconnected from his nether regions so he has to stay at home... Megan has gone Off the Lead! 

But being in season has no effect on Megan, practising wide flanks!

Bless those Brackenhurst College store lambs! 



and Loki learning to read sheep!



Working Hard !

Megan begining to master her flanks!

Loki gearing up!

Make like a Great White shark Megan on an early lesson.


A calm Loki in a more recent session. 

Going round ...


With mum.


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