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lets get this clear i do what i do for the love of what i do and the places it takes me and the people it takes me to ......

i have been doing this for a lot of years im not in this for money or fame unlike people who think they know it all after being in the predator fly tying game for all of 5 mins these people sicken me as do the companys who only a few years ago were turning there noses up at predator anglers as "it just wasnt trout or salmon old boy " so to those companys up yours

to the brotheres and sisters and the companys who have taken a lead in in the future well im glad to know you , below represents just some comments that have been left by people like me without an agenda good honest fisherman 

eric  anderson- sioux lookout ontario

Your new flies never cease to amaze me Dave! There isn't another site like yours that I know of that's gotten me as excited as seeing some of your flies. Always impressed. Keep up the good work

jose barbosa - portugal

Is this a fish? Is this a candy? NOOOOOO! Is is SuperFly!!!!!! Man, this is great!

davey taylor - scotland

These are awesome, i got to learn how to tie me some of these. good effort mate.

david losty - ireland

Aww pike flies yer killing me here lol another fine display :0)

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