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tie a big ep fly

a lot of people struggle to tie with ep fibre and get into all sorts of a mess , this neednt be the case below youll find a step by step on tying a big ep fly . this fly can be tied as large as you like or as small as you like ......

materials needed - orange ep fire / yellow ep fibre / super glue / 5/0 sakuma manta hook / clear mono thread / 10mm conocal eyes /

step 1 / start with a few wraps of clear mono working from the hookpoint back towards the hook eye

step 2 / add a spot of superglue to the whipping this protects against sharp teeth

step 3 / tie in on the underside your required length of yellow ep fibre for the tail section can be as much or as little as you like repeat on top of the hook shank kepping the length the same and tie off

 step 4 / re attach your tying thread just behind the hook eye and tie in another pieace of yellow ep on the underside of the hook , the length will reach halfway along the tail section

step 5 / repeat the process with the yellow ep fibre on the top of the hook shank making sure that the length again goes halfway down the tail section

step 6 / at this point you swith over to your orange ep fibre tie in to the same length as the yellow underneath , if you wish to add any flash to the pattern tie it in before you tie the orange in to whatever length you wish

step7 / tie in another section of orange ep fibre although this next section will be an inch shorter

 step 8 / tie in a further 2 sections of orange ep fibre each one being slightly shorter than the next  so you have tied in 4 orange sections altogether and whip finish

step 9 / a great tip here is to slightly heat the eye of the hook ehat this will do is melt the fibre under the whipping as the heat travels down the hook shaft (a few seconds will be enough) giving you a rock solid bond once cold ad a couple of coats of clear varnish to the whipping

step 10 / glue in 2 (obvious i know ) 10mm conocal eyes

step 11 / this is up to you but i like to put a clothes peg on the eyes this really beds them in nicely and stops them moving if you choose to hand hold them


 and thats it , of course you can use whatever colours of e.p you like or add flash material at any stage in the tye your imagination is the limit ,



feel free to distribute to other sites but please give the site a mention



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