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tie an arc chrome big baitfish

  materials needed , 9mm eyes arc chrome body , fish gills avalible from

clear mono thread , gamakatsu 6/0 sl hook , z poxy avalible from orvis

step one - from the hook eye wrap back to the point above

step 2 -  add in a thin piece of arc chrome around 10 inchs long

step 3 - add in another section of arc chrome slightly shorter than the last around 9 inchs

step 4 -  add in another section of arc chrome slightly shorter than the last around 8 inchs

step 5 - keep going with shorter bits each piece being slightly thicker and shorter than the last  

a nice body shape starts to shape up 

step 6 - turn the fly over and add a short section underneath

step 7  whip off and take the fly out of the vice and with a perm marker add some stripes

 finished stripes and ready for the head

 step 8 - mix up a small amount of z poxy and place around the front section of the fly this will form a base for the fish gills

 step 9 - when the z poxy is tacky add the fish gills

 step 10 - you will still have a small amount of epoxy left this is great to place on top of the fish gill and then a 9mm eye on top then mix up another small amount of z poxy

step 11 - your now ready add the z poxy head the eyes and gills will now be set enough that they wont fall off or move  

the finished product a fantastic easy to use baitfish that has a fantastic action in the water youll notice that ive used no flash in this fly this is because the arc chrome has a lovley shine in the water looking very like a real fish  

 the big and the small the top is the 6/0 the bottom is a slightly smaller version on a size 3/0


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