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Secure in a few wraps of the clear mono, start at the hook point and work back, add a small drop of *superglue* to bind the mono and give it some protection against the pike's teeth  


Add in a 3 inch clump of your *flash* and spread the clump around the hook again, wrap a dozen turns of the mono and glue to secure  



Take another 3 inch clump of *flash* and tie on top directly above the bottom clump and add a drop of glue to secure (you don’t need to wait for the glue to dry as when you tie in further pieces they will become secure also )

STEP 4  

Now we start building the body shape, this is achieved by cutting a six inch clump of flash and holding it were you are about to tie in, whip in a couple of turns to secure then fold over so you have 2x3 inch sections on top of each other as above as you can see this starts to give you a bit of body depth  



Repeat step 4 but tying in underneath the top piece as you can see you start to get a real good shape to the fly


This is a close up of the six inch section folded over about to be secured with a couple of turns of thread, you can see just behind were the last section has been tied in


Repeat the above steps until you get to just before the hook eye ,you can now see a really nice profile has been formed, when you get to the end wrap loads of turns to form a nice head then whip off



Add a spot of black varnish to secure the thread (you can use epoxy if you want a little bit of weight to get the fly down) , any colour you like


Glue in a couple of 7mm rattle eyes (one on either side, yes I know, obvious isn’t it) I use rattle eyes as they give a nice rattle in the water but you can use plain epoxy eyes

and that’s it, very simple to make and a real fish banker

Below you will find the same flies tied in the same way but in different colours and with different lengths of flash by messing around and experimenting with different lengths of flash, the odd different colour tied in you will find you’ll come up with some fish banking patterns . 


 There has been a lot written about the use of superglue on fishing rigs, flies etc with some people saying the fish can smell it , personally I think it's a fallacy, if you don’t want to use superglue in the steps above, a dab of clear varnish will do just as good

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