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tie a split bunny

ok so the world famous bunny bug without doubt one of the most famous pike flys going simple because it has everything you average bad temperd green mennie wants movement and flash and an action that they find hard to resist , the only downside with this fly is when it gets wet its like casting a wet sock ....but worth the effort

materials list

magnum zonker strips / 6/0 heavy duty aberdeen / red tying thread /green flashabou / fly length is 7 inchs


step 1 ... take a 5 inch strip of magnum zonker and push through the hook leave a small tag , make sure the fur is facing downwards


step 2 ... start your thread tie on around the small tag end (i add a drop of super glue to secure it)

step 3 ...tie in 5 inchs of green flashabou

step 4 ... tie in another 5 inch strip of magnum zonker making sure that the fur is facing upwards

step 5 ....tie in a 7 inch length of magnum zonker


step 6...bring your thread up to behind the hook eye this is the mark to where your going to palmer the zonker you have just tied in to in step 5

step 7... palmer the zonker fur around the hook shaft till you reach your thread mark and tie off but dont detatch the thread

step 8...this is what the fly looks like once you have tied off varnish the whipping now

step 9...before the varnish dries tie in a 4 inch strip off red zonker


step 10...palmer the red zonker to just before the hook eye and tie off and varnish


the finished flys ready to fish enjoy

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