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why tie your own

Well the million dollar question my answer is always the same catch your first fish on a fly you have tied with your own hands and you’ll have your answer nuff said.


People come to me and say id love to do that but im rubbish with my hands , doesn’t matter what skill you have take a length of zonker strip wrap it round the hook and that’s it you have one of the most popular pike flies around  no brainer really , it is that easy to do


Let me give you an example , friend comes round to my house and says he’d love to have a go at that (he’d been paying between 6 and 8 quid for a shop bought fly) so I sat him down gave him some 5 inch lengths of Christmas tinsel and said tie that to the hook , he did just that tied it on with a knot just behind the eye added a bit of super glue and stuck a couple of googly eyes on and bingo the chap had tied his first fly ok it was quite an ugly looking thing but it went on to catch him his first ever fly caught pike of sixteen pounds .


You see it doesn’t matter at all how you think the finished product should look and don’t be disappointed if it looks like nothing you have imagined keep practising you’ll get there we all had to start somewhere I mean do you think people like Larry Dahlberg (of the famous Dahlberg diver fame ) picked up some material and instantly had a hit fly with the first one he made err nope you know I bet even the likes of Larry and Barry rickards have some absolute monstrosities’ in draws that will never be seen by the public even they probably started in a similar way to the chap mentioned above .


Of course if your coming from a trout tying background well you’ve won half the battle already all you need to do is step up to monstrous proportions and 4/0 or 5/0 hooks and let your imagination take over


So enjoy our sister website and the recpies and lessons it contains but most of all have fun with it and don’t take it to seriously and most of all have faith that the fly you have tied will catch you fish and it surely will


Tight lines brothers of the angle


Dave mcfluffchucker

(a cave in Scotland)


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