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i was chatting to ken about weedless flies the other day and i must say although you may not agree but i think weed guards particularly 100lb guards can make you miss fish so while talking about this i came up with the idea that you could make a weed guard by using natural materials work for you and do away with the mono

so i set to work , what i needed was something that was like the gurgler going to try and dive but spit water out in front of it and make some noise but also be able to hook up fish in deep cover

the doom bug is born

so the next thing was to get it over to ken in the states for a test in the tick stuff where the largemouth bass live , he duly set off with brian who did the casting and set about the thick stuff 


 and it catches fish

 when the doom bug hits the water it flips round so that the slightly bent back hook fishes up in the water and as you can see from the video brian chucks that sucker into all kinds og thick stuff and it dosnt get fouled up stay tuned for a full breakdown from ken capsey on the doom bug

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