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The Cameronians.

The Cameronians were raised in the year 1689 by followers of Richard Cameron. Cameron a Preacher of the Scottish Presbyterian Covenantor faith, his followers were called Cameronians, their regiment became the 26th regiment of foot. The Regiment was raised in upper Lanarkshire, close by the village of Douglas and the Douglas Water, a tributary of The Clyde.


The Perthshire light Infantry 90th Regiment was raised in 1794 by Thomas Graham of Balgown Perthshire in memory of his beautiful wife. The two regiments merged in 1881, becoming the first and second battalions Cameronians Scottish Rifles.

Both regiments and the new one served Britain and the Empire in every Campaign and War with honour, as can be seen from the battle honours carried on the regimental drum, rifle regiments carried no flags.

As the Empire was winding down so was the need for a large standing Army to police it. The Regiment unfortunately was disbanded in 1968 with the tradition of a Conventicle, close to where it was raised on the 14th of May the day it was raised. The use of the Regiments name and memory is kept alive by former riflemen and by those with a love of all things great.

Cameronian Friends Families Association next meeting.

Meeting  is  2 pm Sunday 27th of October at Tannochside Olde club, Uddingston.


Cameronian Day 2018.

Sunday May the 13th is Cameronian Sunday, a day of rememberance of the Regiment, this being the nearest Sunday to the 14 th May.

Held in the village of Douglas South Lanarkshire the Regimental flag is raised at 9 30 am in the village bowling green. 10 am the Church Service in St Brides Church, then refreshments.



Yesterday 10 April final preperations were put in place for the 50th aniversary of the disbandment thanks to the Royal Regiment of Scotland for their co operation in this for those attending the cairn please note that there will be traffic restrictions in place from 13 15 hrs please be at the cairn brfore this time due to parade that will follow the disbandment route anyone wishing or thinks they are capable of parading the route or part thereof please contact me by ASAP 

Parade route as follows
Addison drive 1300 for 13.15 March off
Main St
Blue tower
Crabtree st
Main St
Enter Douglas and Angus Estate to proceed to cairn 13 50 approx

It is hoped that forces personnel will participate in the parade

Thanks to everyone who has supported this event also thank you for your cooperation on the above restrictions


2 pm is the dull but dry Conventicle by the Regimental Cairn in the Grounds of the douglas and Angus Estates.

Cameronian Web Site.




A Cameronian Jungle Conventicle, Burma 1942.

A Cameronian tradition that was carried to war torn Burma.

Now the three Padres with the Brigade, one Church of England, one Presbyterian, and one Roman Catholic asked to hold a service of thanks giving. Which Masters refused curtly?
They had been defeated, and he would only allow a service of intersession for the fallen. At the four points of the compass pairs of Cameronian Sentries knelt. The senior Padre asked him (Masters) to say a few words, and he looked at the sea of a thousand faces and muttered a few words of thanks for their courage and discipline.

The Cameronians were descended from the Covenanters who were proscribed and persecuted during the 17th century by the Government and Church, but met in defiance on moorland and heath, always putting out sentries. Every recruit was issued with a bible until the regiment was disbanded in 1968. They took no chances, even 8000 miles and 300 years away.


For a selection of regimental pictures ED Boyles web site is fantastic.



Cameronian day 2013 turned into a wild wet afternoon. As ever the Cameronians paraded on this day of the 45th anniversary of disbandment. The link below is to some videos on youtube or a copy can be emailed.


Cameronians marching Cenotaph London Armistance day 2013.



The next meeting of The Cameronians Friends and Families Association will be Sunday 15th September 2019 the meeting is held in the Tannochside Olde Club, Old Edinburgh Road Tannochside Uddingston at 2pm. Anyone with an interest will be made welcome.





Letter from Mark Griffin of Tennessee.

My Grandfather did some liaison work with the Cameronians during
WW1. He was in the US army in France/Belgium during the War.
I was fortunate enough to meet a former Cameronian NCO when I attended Officer Candidate School at Marine Corps Base Quantico in the mid 70`s. It was the practice at that time to invite combat veterans who were in  the area to speak to the young OC`s about their experiences during the war. I believe he was in the States visiting a daughter who had married an American airman. To say that we were impressed by this gentleman would be an understatement. Even our “salty” Marine Vietnam Vet NCOs were enthralled by his stories.
The thing that really stuck in my mind at the time was a comment by a well decorated Gunnery Sargent to a young PFC . He said “son if you could be half the man that guy is you could be Sargent Major of the Marine Corps someday”. Praise from these guys was always sparing and always earned. I`m sorry after all these years I can`t remember his name. I would have liked to have bought him a beer. Thanks again for sending the brooches, they will be presents for my daughters.


Scorched Earth, Black Snow, Korean War by Andrew Salmon.

Quote by Jake Mutch, Argyll.

In 1950, many men in the 1st Battalion were Gaelic speaking Highlanders, though all spoke fluent English. "They're tough, the Argylls, they stand no nonsense,' said Mutch, who reckoned the only unit which could face them down were the Cameronians, who recruited from the roughest districts of Glasgow and Hamilton.



Cameronian Day, Sunday 13th May 2018.

Sunday May the 13th is Cameronian Sunday, a day of rememberance of the Regiment, this being the nearest Sunday to the 14 th May.

Held in the village of Douglas South Lanarkshire the Regimental flag is raised at 9 30 am in the village bowling green. 10 am is the Church Service in St Brides Church.

Refreshments in the St Brides community centre, teas, cakes, soups.

2 pm is the Conventicle by the Regimental Cairn in the Grounds of the douglas and Angus Estates.

Please follow the link to youtube for some videos of the 2013 day. wet and wild but not as bad (just) as last year. Some pictures are placed on the site.

Enjoy looking.



 Salmon Flies link.


Memorial Cairn Walk Video.

A walk round the memorial cairn at Douglas on a dreich wet Saturday december 12th 2015. Enjoy! Well done to Robert Mitchell for the hard work around the cairn keeping it tidy.


Earl of Angus Memorial Douglas.

The gardens around the memorial to the regiments founder, Douglas Lanarkshire, December 2015.


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