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Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) and Families Association.

Welcome to our web site, the site will tell you of our association and the once proud regiment of which we now remember and honour.

Over the pages of our site we will show our history, the history of the regiment, Scotland's only Rifle regiment and what our members take pride in doing throughout the year.




Cameronian Memorial Rememberance day services,

Well done to all our members who laid wreaths and attended many services of remembrance across the country, a big thanks as we are a small group it makes the your efforts in remembering the fallen more appreciated by many.

A group of seven Malaya Veterans met on Saturday 2nd December at Low Parks Museum for a small reunion, a great time was had by all. Photographs to follow.



Our next meeting date will be posted Sunday 3rd February as ever held at the Tannochside Olde Club, Old Edinburgh Road Tannochside, G71 6EN.

This is the AGM so a good turnout please.  





A video clip from Douglas which has became a bit of a bit of a hit.



Malaya 1950 to 1953.

A new page showing many picture from the campaign in the jungle against the communist guerrilla army.


" … So put pride in your step Cameronians! As you march out of the Army List, you are marching into history, and from your proud place there, no man can remove your name, and no man can snatch a rose from the chaplet of your honour.








Stuart Stan Bond REME.

Attached to the regiment in Kenya sadly killed in a road accident. His niece Janet came across our site and was pleasantly surprised we still honour her uncle. Alex Maxwell was part of the salute party that sad day of the funeral August 1959.


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