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Robert McCall.

Thomas McCall passed on a great set of pictures and the story of his grandfather Rifleman Robert McCall. With such a great story I thought set up a page for Robert, it's not taking away from the others pictured throughout the website but with the quantity and content it couldn't be done amongst as great a collection we have throughout the site. I've copied the stories as Thomas told it via our Facebook site. Douglas Torrance.

Thanks to Tom McColl for the pictures of his grandfather who originated from Glasgow. For ‘Cameronians’ page I thought you might like to post these pictures of my grandfather - Rifleman Robert McCall, who served with the 6th Battalion Cameronian’s during the latter part of the war in North-West Germany and in the years just after the war in Gibraltar. There is a photo of him in his side cap as a young lad and one of him on his 90th birthday, taken in June 2016. My grandfather is still alive and celebrated his 91st birthday in June 2017. You might also be interested to know that he had a twin brother called George who also served with the 6th at the same time in Germany and Gibraltar. George is no longer with us, having passed in 2006.

Rifleman Robert McCall, is visiting the Cameronians (SR) Museum at Low Parks for the first time, on Sunday 10th June, as part of a short break to Scotland. The photograph is from when he was based in Gibraltar in the late 1940's, following the end of WW2.

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