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Thomas Kemp 2nd Cameronians India 1920s.



Thanks to Ron Kemp for this regarding his father.

Thomas Henry Kemp was born in Camberwell, South London on 11th December 1902. His origin however is Whitstable, Kent. His father and Mother came from Whitstable and are both from the Oyster Yawl fraternity. Kemp is a very common name in that part of Kent. Thomas's father joined the Royal Navy and when his service was complete he became a Coast Guard in Ireland (Cloghy).

Thomas enlisted in the Cameronian Scottish Rifles 2nd Batt. 90th at Woolwich on 10th May 1920 (Aged 18).

Army Number 3234348

After 277 days training he was posted to "British India" to the North West Fronteir town of "Quetta".

In Quetta he passed his 2nd Class Certificate of Education and became a trained Machine Gunner. Quetta had become a busy town with Schools, Hospitals and a Brewery but more important it had become a very important military base/location for the British Army.

It had become a British Command centre and acted as a buffer against the unruly parts of Mespotamia, Kurdistan and Iraq.

During his posting the Cameronians became associated with The Royal Gurkha Rifles from Nepal.

The main threat to the Cameronians was from the Kurdish tribes led by Shaikh Mahmud and Mahmud Barzani (WarLords) of the kurdish regime.


The General Service Medal with Kurdistan Clasp was awarded to all those Cameronians involved in that conflict. Thomas Henry Kemp received such a medal.


Thomas Henry Kemp spent from 11.02.1921 until 17.02.1923 in British India

                                               18.02.1923 until 02.02.1924 in Iraq

                                               03.02.1924 until 14.11.1927.


On the 15.11.1927 he returned home (Hamilton) having spent nearly 7 years in India with the Cameronians having attained the rank of Lance Sergeant.

His service with the colours was Seven years 203 days.


Great! I will continue to keep in touch. No news about the medal my Dad never really mentioned it.

The reason l have started this research is because my Grandson is going to "India" on a School Exchange trip and mentioned to me if l knew "anything" about India.

I mentioned that his Great Grandfather (Thomas Henry) went to British India for nearly seven years with the Cameronians to a place called Quetta.

I did a folder / history of Thomas and his time in India. I think it helped him understand what went on in British India during the 20'.

Quetta became part of Parkistan so technically my research only applied to when it was British India prior to 1947.

Anyway all that information might have helped Josh (Grandson) in getting a place on the India trip next year!

I will keep you posted.


Thanks aagain

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