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 Conny Team news

Posted 5th April -kev
Hi conny team l have arranged another practice match for our team and reserves from 6pm on Wednesday 10th April + 17th April as our first match is on 24th April now.
We can have a drink and chat in the conny club afterwards.
Please let me know if you can make it by texting πŸ‘10 /17- thanks Kev πŸ™‚

I have listed below all the revised fixture dates - please let me have your holiday dates next wednesday please .

Dunscar B.........  H   24 Apr
BCC Rumworth....H   1 May
Breightmet..........A   8 May
Longsight ...........H  15 May
Presidents πŸ†        19 May Sunday
Little Lever ..........A  22 May
πŸ† Plodder Ln ......    29  May
Church Ward ... ....H  5 Jun
Plodder Lane......   A  12 Jun
BCC Rumworth......A  19 Jun
πŸ† longsight ............ 26 Jun
Breightmet ...........H   3 Jul
Longsight (BC).......A  10 Jul
Little Lever............H   17 July
Arbuthnot πŸ†..............21 Jul  Sunday
πŸ† Breightmet............ 24 Jul
Church Ward .........A    31 July

Plodder Lane .........H     7  Aug
Dunscar  ...............A   14 Aug

The league cup final is Sunday 11th or 18th August 


posted 21st February 2024

Conny league agm was on 21st feb and these points were discussed and agreed on:

1) League games start on April 17th

2) 2 leagues to remain : section A has 9 teams section B has 8 teams

3) In order for section B (our section) to have a decent number of matches then there will be a 'round robin' set of cup matches making a minimum number of games for the season as 17.

4) The need for players to be a member of a conny club is not now mandatory but preferable

5) cup match dates (provisional) are 29th May/19th June/24th July

6) A levy on the annual subs of £10 per team was passed so as to guarantee a presentation night with artist and to bring it forward to end september or early October - the subs for the league will now be £95.

7) Competition prize winners /or rep' must turn up on presentation night or forgo prize.

8) provisional dates for :

presidents cup may 19th

Arbuthnot cup  july 21st

 Team Rules  2024 [ updated 27th February 2024]

  1. The objectives of the team shall be to create a social and competitive group of bowlers with an enthusiastic frame of mind, and with the aim of improving the bowling ability of all team members.

2. All team members / reserves are expected to support the team on match night - whether it be marking/ measuring/walking around the green+encouraging/collecting subs/giving out cards/putting out blocks+mats/serving up cups of tea+coffee/washing up/tidying up etc .

3. The captain must be informed if a ‘player’ is going to be later than the start of the match.

Anyone not doing so will not go into the draw and will be considered  '1st reserve'.

4. Selection of Team

The squad/team size and purpose of the team will make playing every week very unlikely - but will guarantee a full team every week.

Three (3) reserves will automatically play in the match following the one attended.- replacing the worst 3  results from the match attended (no matter who your opponent was or even if you won. )

4th and subsequent reserves attending matches will move up the reserve list playing in the the matches following. 

This rota system will continue all season. - except in cup matches when best averages pick the team.

5. The team and reserves will be posted on this web page - so that everyone knows who is playing on the night.

 (If a player informs the captain that they cannot make the ‘team’ on their selected match day then they will play in the next available match for them.)

(If a reserve cannot play in the following match for whatever reason + advises so a day before the next match then they will be 1st reserve in the following match or the next available one that they can play)

6.In order to improve player's bowling and build the team - pre season round robins will be organised at the club.

After home matches players have the option to go to the Conservative club (50 yards away) to have a drink and chat.

After home matches /when the weather /daylight/spare wednesdays are available we can practice/have round robins to build up a team social or improve bowling.

All reserves are welcome to practice before matches - just in case they are needed on the night.


2024 Team members fees as follows:

Permit fee to council £0  (£40 subsidised by our club)

[this allows you to play on any park green in Bolton for free].

There is no requirement to be a member of a conny club this year.

Astley bridge club membership is to remain at £12 

Team member fee £0

 subs every time you play for the team £3  (as well as cup matches)

£4 for gate key (if you have not already got one) .

If we need to raise additional funds for the team then we need to have football cards or similar.

Please contact Kevan 07505320612 if you need any clarification.

13th Feb. 2024

Thanks to the conny team members that got together after the club's AGM on 7th February - It was a good meeting and we will all look forward to meeting up for the early bird comps. in March

In accordance with 21st feb agm - it isn't mandatory to be a member of  of a conny club to play in the league.

  thanks Kev   -  For 2023 individual results see opposite >

16th January 2024

The new season is getting closer now and we are looking at strengthening our team after last year's difficult cup run where everyone put a great effort in to win the knockout cup - really well done.

Our team members for 2024 are :

Kevan Latham/Rosalyn Wilcock/Barrie Howarth/ Phil Doel/ Sandra Doel/ Lorraine Seddon/ Roy Ainsworth/ Keith Waddington/ Sean Toland/ Dave Tadd/ Christine Clinton/ Peter Clinton.

Reserves: Paul Pover/ Malcolm Austin/ Kevin Harwood/ lan Salisbury/ Lawrence Catterall.


11th November 2023

The Conny league presentation night was last night [Friday 10th November]

Most of the team were there but unfortunately 4 others were on holiday/ill or at other parties. [Paul/Ian/Dave/Malcolm/Kevin H.]

We had a great buffet of mixed sandwiches/mini pork pies/cheese board/crackers/ melon slices/crisps/mini jam and sponge cakes/jumbo biscuits.

There was a female singer/'artist' and plenty of sixties songs/dances/motown/northern soul- we all had a dance/s and consumed plenty of fluids.

photo below showing the team [puppet on a string video is not available as it has been censored] 

Thanks to all the team and reserves this season for some great bowling and friendship resulting in us winning the knockout cup.[see photos below this article]


30th Aug. 2023

Hi Conny team - what a great win(yet again) v o/Hulton 7-3 [30th August ] (who are 2nd place team in league) -  this jumped us up to 3rd place in the final game of the season.
We had a really great performance by everyone with some exceptional wins against really good players of first division standard.
So we will be celebrating our league knockout Cup and top of averages on the 10th of November presentation night.
πŸ’«great team to be part of.

Kev πŸ‘


posted 13th August 2023

Our conny team won the B section league cup on 6th August v Dunscar B - played on the Railway Club.

We beat the top 2 teams in the section to get to the final.

We focused on as many points as possible on every game and it paid off even though we lost 5 games - but the points counted in the end - see match card 'HERE'

On our way to /and in the final we had to utilise most of all our emergency reserve players who helped us win this cup - without them it would not have been possible - so a big thank you to them.

When trying to put a team together for the final we only had 5 regular players - all others were on holiday/injured/unavailable - so everyone pulled together coming back early from hols /playing even though not well /or emergency reserves playing the mandatory 3 league games to qualify - brilliant team spirit - well done everyone without exception. 






 Past events


updated 4th July 2022 -kev

Conny league Presidents cup was retained at Astley Bridge for another year by Kevan who beat Mark Cafferky in the final on Sunday 3rd July 2022 at Dunscar Conservative club.

Thanks to Dunscar for hosting and John Southern for organising on a very good green.

Astley Bridge members had 4 entrants

Keith Waddington/Rosalyn Wilcock/Roger Evans/Kevan Latham

with Keith and Roger being in the semi final - so well represented Astley Bridge. 


updated 24th January 2022 - Kev

The conny league presentation/agm was held on the 12th january at Dunscar conny club.

This photo is kev receiving the Arbuthnot cup .

The Presidents cup photo is below. 

- keeping Astley Bridge on the map








posted 16th August 2021- kev

Photo of Kevan after winning Conny League Presidents Cup at Little Hulton Con. Club Sunday 15th August .

Keeping the cup at Astley Bridge as our Gordon Butler was the last to win it.

The weather on the day was changeable - sunny then a shower - then cloudy .

The turnout could have been better but I understand that there were other comps around town.

Kevan played Steve Walker (from Little Hulton) in the final and it was a good contest with some good bowling.

But Kevan's hilight of the day (when playing the semifinal) was something he had never done in 60 years since starting bowling

- a double toucher on a corner to corner mark when he did not lead the jack

- wow !!

posted 12th July 2021- kev  

Conny league Arbuthnot cup took place at Little Lever conny club on Sunday 11th July and Kev 'brought the cup back home ' to our Club. 

In the photo 

Kevan Latham

John Southern (organiser)

Dean Poulton ( from L.L. conny club)

posted 19th July -2019

Kevan won the Conny league Arbuthnot cup on 7th July 2019 on Plodder Lane conny club green.

He is here pictured with runner up Gordon Butler another Astley bridge bowler .

Gordon was going for the treble - as he won the Conny league presidents cup and also the Betfred pairs cup earlier this year.

Great standard of play by everyone on the day - with the green running really well.

Everyone loved a really competitive final.

Conny Team presentation night 2018 -happy faces

sorry if your photo isn't here - had problems uploading them !


Conny team  

from left

kevan latham

Dave Tadd

Rosalyn Wilcock

Joe Clarke

Chic Gilbertson

Denver Smith

Ken Lord

Sue Smith

Eddie Gregson   Terry Judge   Paul Pover   Ron Spedding

A great team ' never say die '

well done for a brilliant year - 2018

updated 20th May 2021 - kev

The Conny team would like to say 'thank you' to Astley Bridge Conny Club who have sponsored us in previous years prior to Covid. .




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