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The Club constitution was passed at the EGM 28/7/2017

alteration 25/10/2017

Club Constitution 2017

Astley Bridge Park Bowling Club

Constitution and Rules of the 'The Club' as at May 1st 2017

1. Club name

2. Aims and Objectives

3. Powers

4. Membership

5. Teams

6. Meetings

7. AGM

8. General points relating to EGM meetings/disputes

9. Withdrawal of membership


11.Circulation of the constitution


13.Alterations to the constitution 2017


1. The name of the Club (Herein after called ‘The Club’) is

Astley Bridge Park Bowling Club

2. Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of The Club shall be:

2.1 A recreational and social club for bowling and other

sports and pastimes, played in the spirit of good sportsmanship,

fellowship and companionship.

2.2 To provide an environment that will benefit all members of the community,

and to give the opportunity to maintain and improve the outlook and health of all who care to be members of The Club.

2.3 To provide facilities for the Community of Bolton and surrounding areas in

accordance with aims set out at 2.1. and to provide and maintain facilities so that non-members can enjoy them and be encouraged to join The Club.

2.4 To explore funding and sponsorship opportunities to enable The Club to be fully self financing so that maintenance and improvement of existing facilities can be continued.

2.5 To work alongside other agencies to provide recreational and social club

facilities as set out at 2.1.

3. Powers

To further objectives, the committee may exercise the following powers:

3.1 To levy charges for the services provided by The Club

3.2 To set up and operate an account in the name of The Club at a bank or building society.

3.3 To advertise by any available means and acceptable to the council.

3.4 To hold regular meetings to ensure The Club operates effectively.

3.5 To pay necessary expenses /charges involved in the running of The Club.

3.6 To perform any such lawful duties as necessary to the attainment of the above objectives.

3.7 To form a bowling green 'sub-committee' of 4 members who will develop a bowling green maintenance programme with costs and to convene at regular intervals to discuss maintenance work on a needs must basis and recruit the necessary volunteers or 'buy in' necessary specialist labour /materials /equipment in order to create and maintain an excellent bowling green for all.

3.8 To form a funding/sponsorship seeking sub-committee of 4 members whose responsibility it is to produce an ideas plan for the creation of an income stream for the Club funds -so that the club can be self financing. Funding from local businesses / suppliers / associated organisations / sporting bodies / evening bowling / competitions / social events / grants / advertising / winter bowling etc.

3.9 To form a club-house maintenance sub-committee of 4 members whose responsibility it is to look after the cleanliness and upkeep of the clubhouse facilities - including kitchen and toilet.

3.10 To form a Training and Coaching sub-committee of 4 members whose responsibility it is to organise all the training and coaching of members and newcomers to the club and the sessions that are required. They must comply with and ensure that the members involved in these sessions comply with the DBS and coaching requirements and the subcommittee must meet with the various local groups at Castle Hill, the CVS in Bolton, the BCGBA and any others in order to fulfill the objective of introducing and inviting all members of the communty to join our club.

All the sub committees are :

-to be responsible for not exceeding the target expenditure as set out at the AGM and to report all expenditure with receipts to the Club treasurer as and when the sums are known.

- to advise on any anticipated expenditure which has not been forecast in the maintenance programme - to make  'best value purchase' and to liaise with funding committee to obtain materials through sponsorship.

-to meet every 6 weeks with the main committee and at the AGM  to report on progress or to seek additional assistance/ ideas + contacts with club members.

4. Membership

4.1 Shall be open to all, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, disability, gender,

political affiliation or religious beliefs or other such personal diversity to all

persons who are interested in promoting the aims and objectives of The Club

4.2 Junior membership shall be open to persons under the age of 16 who

shall not have the power to vote.

5. Teams

5.1 Application for a team to be part of the club must have players who are or become members of the club and pay their dues to the club and hold a council bowling permit 

5.2 Each team to meet the requirements of all teams to pay their fees into the club funds for the upkeep of the club facilities as stated at the AGM each year.

5.3 All members of teams to be affiliated to Lancashire Crown green bowling Association and also be registered with British Crown Green bowling Association.

5.4. All teams to have a secretary/captain who has the  responsibility to keep to these rules

5.5  All team captains are responsible to keep to the rules of the league to which they are affiliated and also to the British Crown Green bowling Rules and the spirit of the Astley Bridge Bowling Club constitution.

6. Meetings

6.1  Main Committee and sub-committees to meet every 6 weeks with additional meetings called as and when necessary.

6.2 these meetings are to suit each committee or sub-committee (they do not have to be at the same time - due to the numbers involved in total)

6.2 The committee / sub committees will be elected at the A.G.M. for a period of twelve months and will carry out the responsibilities given to them at the A.G.M. to the best of their ability .

6.3 All meetings shall be open to any member of The Club - but the committees have the final decision, except at AGM or EGM.

7. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

7.1 once each year in the month of February or March, the committee/ sub-committees/ members will convene for an AGM for the following purposes:

- Receive annual report and accounts

- To elect/re-elect the main committee/sub-committees

- Voting, when necessary, on proposals to amend the constitution and the

future development of 'The Club'

- Approving the annual accounts. (can be  2 members of the Club - experienced in accounting)

- Report by funding sub-committee

- Report by bowling green maintenance sub-committee

- Report by clubhouse maintenance sub-committee

- Report on self management progress and future plans - by main committee secretary

- Proposals/motions

- Any other business

7.2 The committee will give at least 28 days notice of the AGM in writing to

individual members stating the time and place of the meeting.

The chairperson (or in his/her absence, the secretary) shall conduct the AGM.

7.3 The quorum for the AGM will be 10 members or one quarter of the

membership rounded down, whichever is less.

7.4 Trustees - “If Trustees are required for any purpose e.g. to execute running of club

premises, Four (4)  shall be appointed, or amended by a simple majority of members

attending an A.G.M. or E.G.M.

The motion will be raised at the next AGM on receipt of funding acceptance from the council

approving 'The Club' formation.

8. General points relating to EGM meetings/disputes

8.1 When a meeting has been convened by members at an Extraordinary

AGM, if a quorum is not present within 30 minutes of the appointed time,

the meeting will be cancelled.

8.2 Proxy votes are not allowed in any situation.

8.3 Disputes shall be resolved by members by discussion

8.4 Where disputes cannot be resolved then an EGM will be convened by at least a quorum of the Club Committee members a.s.a.p. together with the parties in dispute and a decision by the committee will be final.

9. Withdrawal of membership

Membership shall cease if:

9.1 A member writes to the secretary a desire to retire or resign from general

membership or committee membership. It is hoped that the committee

members and in particular the chairperson, secretary and treasurer will

give at least a minimum of 28 days notice.

9.2 Membership will cease on death.

9.3 All cancellation/withdrawal of membership shall be deemed to be effective

immediately unless the member of the association has given a period of



10.1 Any money raised shall be used to further the aims of The Club

and for no other purpose.

The treasurer will keep proper records of The Club finances and will operate The Club’s bank account.

10.2 The Club shall decide the signatories to any account set up in the

Club’s name. All bank withdrawals will require a minimum of two

signatories from the signatories authorised on the bank/building society


10.3 At least once in each financial year, the accounts of The Club will be

examined and the correctness ascertained and certified by the appointed

auditors - who will be appointed by the committee and can be members of the club.

11.Circulation of the constitution

The constitution will be displayed on the main notice board for all to see.

All members have the right to a personal copy of the constitution

should they so wish upon written request to the secretary.


It the committee decides at any time that on the grounds of expense or

otherwise it is necessary or advisable to dissolve The Club, it shall call an

extraordinary general meeting or use the next available AGM if this is thought

more appropriate; 28 days notice will be given to all members.

It the dissolution is confirmed by a simple majority of those present, the

committee have the power to dispose of any surplus assets held by or in the

name of The Club.

Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and

liabilities shall be applied towards charitable purpose ideally registered

community facilities groups in Bolton, or any charitable purpose in Bolton.

13.Alterations to the constitution April 2017

 (a) The alterations to the constitution in April 2017 have been made after review of the intended changes required by The Club in the application for community empowerment funding and after posting the new constitution on the club notice board since April 2017.

All members will be given a further opportunity to voice their comments in writing to the committee or team captains before Friday July 28th 2017 so that they may be discussed/voted on at an EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting). on that same date.

We do not expect further comments on or after that date as that is the purpose of the meeting in Astley Bridge conservative club at 12 noon.

 (b) Subsequent to this application and dependent on the outcome of discussions with the council over the self management of the bowling green and the Clubhouse - the July 2017 constitution will form a vision and objective of the The Club.



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