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Authanic Wire

Pike fly fishing has come on in leaps and bounds over the years, when I first started out there was probably only half a dozen people in this country doing it, I was looked upon and a bit strange on my local pits and rivers at the time with the usual comments of “oi mate no trout in here” and “mate you’ve got a budgie on your line” indeed you had to have a thick skin back in those days to be a pike fly fisher

Now all these many years later nobody bats an eyelid to the pike fly fisher you’re more likely nowadays to get an interested angler looking over your gear and asking questions which is really nice.
And the biggest question I always get is to my leader set up , back in the early days we used pretty much standard pike dead bait traces without the hooks opting for a cross lock swivel instead of nasty trebles  , then we started using fox soft steel wire to make our traces which was ok but you did find they suffered from chaffing on the wire from fish and you’d have to change it quite often , then the titanium revolution happened and to be honest it was great stuff until you discover that it acts like a cheese wire on the fish and if a fish takes a fly deeper in the mouth then you’re going to slice up its lips so that’s now been binned (saw it happen once to a lure angler not nice) please don’t use this for fly fishing it’s just not good for the fishes health .

We then had the range of wire from America hit these shores by forward thinking fly anglers , things like pro leader , surflux etc. , but even these came with their problems , being expensive to start with and most of the time when I used it I found that it was a bit to shinny in the water although it probably doesn’t mater to the fish , it bothered me as an angler as I was sure it was off putting to the fish I may be wrong but that was my general thoughts and I ended up colouring the stuff with black marker pens to take the shine of it  ,

This obviously aunt the ideal thing to do as it takes a lot of time and is a pain in backside , so I have as of the last few years been vie been using fluorocarbons in the 90 to 120lb range for most of my pike fly fishing and before the “you can’t do that” brigade start I can tell you I did not lose any fish to bite offs with this method , but and it’s a big but , I always had in the back of my mind it could happen although it never did and at the time it was top of the tree where traces were concerned for pike fly fishing .

That was until I came across Authanic wire , I was quite amazed at the quality of this trace material it handles like a braided line which makes it completely knot able which is really quite incredible just check the video on the bottom of the page , ive now  around 20 + fish on the same length of Authanic wire and to date I have not needed to change any part of it through chaffing of teeth something that with normal wire can’t be said as I know I’d have to change it after a few fish that was just the way of wire , this really is a breakthrough material when it comes to trace material and I can’t think of any product out there that is better than this stuff you may think it’s expensive but actually its bloody good value for money as you can catch multiple fish on a length without having to change it so it actually works out better value than wire , if you haven’t tried Authanic then give it a go and it will change the way you think about leader materials for predators

Available exclusively in the UK though


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