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bug tying tips(3)

making a sinking sub bug

1 , first of all you must tie in some dumbell eyes what i do is wait till i have only space for 1 or 2 wraps of deerhair then ill tie the dumbell eyes in there so when youve finished it will look like the picture below once trimed , size of dumbell depends on how fast you want it to sink the larger the dumbell the faster the sink rate  


2 , what you need to do now is mix up a small amount of epoxy and drop this into the eye sockets until its full to overflowing this will also give you extra weight , ive found the best epoxy by far is z poxy for this


3 , all that remains to do is stick on an eye like the picture below i do this just as the epoxy is getting tacky that way you can still adjust the eye if needed and it will dry in that position without slipping 


the finished product ready to fish

you can find a full tutorial here using slightly differnt eyes click the link below




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