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tie a slow sinking bug

the slow sinking bug will sink at 1ft every 5 seconds using 7mm dumbell eyes , a great fly for searching the depths , still giveing that great action that youd expect from a bug

materials 4/0 sakuma manta , pearl flashbou belly , white sf fibre back , red saddle hackle , red deerhair , 7mm dumbbell eyes .

1. tie in 7 inchs of pearl flashbou  , the back end has 4 inchs with 3 inchs in front fold this over so you have 3 inchs sitting on top of the 4 inchs and whip down this gives you the belly as in the picture below

2. tie in some peal sf flash the same length as the longest flashbou

3 . tie in a shorter piece of sf on top of that

 4.tie in a red cock hackle dont wory about untidy shank this is hidden later on 

 5 . tie in a further couple of hackles 

6. tie in your deer hair with a couple of wraps then pull tight to flare

7. tie in anothe piece of deerhair flaire and push tight against the last piece

8.tie in the dumbell eyes (these are 7mm) make sure you place the eyes as close to the back of the deerhair as possible

9. another piece of deerhair just in front off the eyes and flare the eyes will show once you have trimed

after triming this is the result , the fly has been wetted to show the profile

the wetted fly has standard dumbell eyes you can if you wish like i have stick eyes over the dumbells to add effect i find it gives the flys an edge but its up to you

*off course you can replace the body material with anything you like or your favorite colours the skys the limit

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