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tie a basic sub bug

bucktail schulpin and deerhair

ok so once youve realised you really do need these in your fly box then you should get to the vice and get tying them the step by step below will show you how to tie a basic bug colour wise use what ever you like


 step 1...tie in just above the hook point

step 2.. tie in 5 inchs of pearl flashabou making sure you spread it  around the hook

step 3...tie in 2 white schulpin feathers on each side of the hook

step 4 ..tie in a pinch of white bucktail on the top of the hook dont worry about flaring of the hair as this closes down giving shape when wet

 step.5..tie in a piece of bucktail on either side of the hook and underneath this will help with the body shape

step 6 ... repeat  step 5 just in front of the last tie in

step 7...tie in 4 inchs of pearl flashabou on the top and bottom of the fly. at this point add a dab of varnish to seal everything in

step 8.. add a piece of deer hair under the hook and place a loose whipping around it

step 9..add another piece on top of the first and tighten down the thread until it flaires as above


 step 10..add the red deerhair push doen so it goes round the hook then tighten up the thread so it flaires

step 11 continue with the red deerhair till you reach the eye of the hook

 step 12..push with thumb and fore finger the deer hair so that each piece is tight against the next

step 13.whip finish and varnish the whipping and you will have something that looks like this

step 14..trim the hair to shape leaving a collar at the back

step 15..any loose or out of shape hair on the front of the head can be touched with a lighter or trimmed what ever you prefer just make sure you get that nice shape

step 16.. add 5mm conical eyes either glue on or epoxy on

the finished fly


pike love em have fun





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