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sub bug methods

the rigs shown here are what i use on the bugs please dont take it as gospel what you see below , i use these as i have found they are most effective for me , there is nothing at all wrong with changing any part of the rigs to suite your style of fishing ....tight lines dave


surface rig




 midwater rig

the stretch of water below is around 6 or 7 feet in depth and runs fairly clear perfect for a mid water rig as fish will come off the bottom to grab a fly or if the fish are sitting around midwater they will happily chase a fly if they see it , you can see a patch off weed near the far bank its always worth casting a fly to this feature as more than likley there will be a fish there


 off the bottom rig


the river in the picture below shows a perfect strech for the off the bottom rig fairly deep and murky great for inching the flies back just of the deck 

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