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sub bugs history

early bugs

the sub bug developed after i wanted to find a fly that had it all

new things were tried and materials tested ideas put on to hooks

i started to get it together the heads started to go the way i wanted, spining deerhair aint that hard you just got to practice at it and youll soon get it , so i carried on with trying to get the head i wanted and it started to come together

the head shape comes together and the bug is nearly born the secret to there sucess is the action a good pair of heavy eyes gives it

finally i get the head and eyes i want and the bug is born one of the most devistating pike flies ive made to date it has it all flash , movement and an action to die for perfect for pissing off predators

this however is far from the end of the story there is so much more to do ive started doing mini bugs which i think will be great for smaller predators like perch , chub , zander , walleye , trout large mouth/small mouth bass  and no doubt a whole heap of saltwater species and of course new materials come along all the time so the body will take on new looks and the great thing is bouncing ideas back and forth with ken in the states and coming up with some great ideas

"bugs not just another fly its a predator hunting machine"

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