Penny Hepburn

Penny has recently joined Ross-shire Writers and will be introducing herself on this page soon.

Two Steps Forward and One Step Back


I struggled and puzzled for hours on end,

I nibbled and chewed on the end of my pen.

I racked my brains and stared at the ground,

Then paced up and down, whilst looking around –

For inspiring words that would open the door,

To poetical language that could outwardly pour.


I could choose the weather, as that’s pretty apt,

For two steps forward and one step back.

Or find a celebrity who’s just got the sack!


Or maybe a game, where the dice are both thrown,

And counters are placed, and money is grown.


Perhaps, it’s my life that could be portrayed,

Though people would listen and all be dismayed.


I could write of my garden where veg start off well,

From sowing, to growing and starting to swell.

Then along come the bugs to throw them off track,

So, it’s two steps forward and one step back!



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