Margaret Aitchison

...is more of a cat person than a dog person.
Whether butterfly minded or simply disorganised, she is a continual but unsuccessful declutterer who imagines a possible use for all manner of junk and occasionally uses some of it in unlikely ways. She enjoys reading, learning and the challenge of attempting to see things from unusual points of view.




Knowing your place

You think you’re the boss. I 
know that I am. You
want to pet me. I
want to go out. You

ignore me.  I
claw at the curtain. You
open the door.  I
sit on the threshold. You 

look impatient. I
stay where I am. You
pick me up. I 
scratch your hand. You

put on clean clothes. I 
twist round your ankles. You
brush fur off your trousers. I
bring up a fur ball. You

introduce strangers. I
sense their fear. You 
don’t notice. I
creep up their chests. You 

give them coffee. I 
stare deep in their eyes. You
call me for ages. I 
stay out of sight. You

close the door. I 
mew plaintively. You 
beckon. I
turn away. You

put down my food. I 
refuse to taste it. You 
think you’re the boss. I 
know that I am.

© Margaret Aitchison      24 October 2023    

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