Margaret Aitchison

Margaret Aitchison has lived close to Inverness as long as she can remember. A graduate of St Andrews, she enjoys working one to one with secondary school students preparing for examinations. Always an avid reader, with wide ranging interests, she has begun to write as she learns to build a new life after the illness and death of her husband. She loves the nearby woods, hills and beaches and the wonder of growing things from seed.





Wandering among nature

every day I notice different wild flowers

to fill me with delight

wood anenome, violet, celandine

selfheal, stitchwort, heartsease

I search diligently,

naming each as I pass

not knowing what treasure I may find

I bend to examine many a charming specimen


kneel reverently

pyramidal orchid’s

fragrance fills senses


certain shades of blue

cause unspeakable wonder

I have no words fine enough

precise, enough,

extravagant enough

to describe

or explain

I can only lift my eyes to gaze

as my heart swells


clouds adorn blue skies

cirrus, cumulus, stratos

radiant splendour


every day another bud opens

another tree flourishes its leaves,

flowers and sets fruit

until autumn chills

redden leaves,

and twilight arriving early

signals it’s time t0 rest


red conelets ripen

amid larch trees’ soft needles,

autumn’s paths cushion


On clear icy evenings,

I stand enthralled

dark midnight blue

scattered with points of light

remind me of the immensity

of the universe

In cosmic terms I know myself tiny,


and yet

it fills me with joy

to inhabit such magnificence


winter’s speckled lights

this glorious universe

everyone a star

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