Simon Berry

Born in the Midlands, educated in Yorkshire, worked in Glasgow as a journalist. Has also lived in Sicily and Cyprus. Now spends most of his time in the Highlands wandering around knocking on doors and asking nosey questions. He had a collection of poems published in 2014 (A Mask for Grieving & other poems FTRR Press). Simon joined RWG in 2015. 



Moving On (To RO)

You were the silent man in the dark glasses

With a voice that just caught alight and burned.

You sang of heartache and betrayal

Most hurtfully of love that’s not returned.


But in your life much love was found

It helped you stand on solid ground

So much was given so much reclaimed

How much of you was taken but so much more remained.


Your life was short, so short. But it was lived with grace.

Your manner was fine, something divine to those you knew.

As you moved swiftly on.


When you began to sing that voice could stroke and sting

But nothing, but nothing else would you say

Your next song must begin without delay


I was crying, crying as you sang

You were dying in those songs

Moving on, swiftly moving on.


© Simon Berry 2018


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