Lynn Roberts

Lynn moved to Ross-shire over 30 years ago, and  felt she had finally come home.
She now lives in Dingwall with her husband, 2 cats and 4 hens. Loves God, her family, the beauty of this place, growing vegetables and fruit.
Lynn has worked caring for people with special needs and before trying to retire she managed the local Youth Kafe. She left school at 15 and in her 60’s started studying theology. She enjoys the challenge of writing.

Sunset over the Island

Red and gold flushed the sky
magnificent and consuming
the summer day disappearing
but I want it to stay.

Brown haired, brown skinned child
playing over the grassy hill
no cares to distract him
lost in the moment.

The tent, our home for the night
cosy interior, just me and my son
after the adventures of the day
warmth and dreams embalm.

Can I hold on to this moment?
I recall it in my mind
if time were timeless
I’d visit that fading sunset again. 


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