Sandra Bain


Sandra Bain is a native of the Black Isle but has worked in Perthshire and Peru. She has had non-fiction articles published and in 2005 she produced a book on the history of Tore School. Between 2008 and 2015 she edited the magazine of the Scottish Fellowship of Christian Writers.




It was one of those days

Summer rain, muddy paths

Windy nights, leaves falling

Blossom blown


Flowerbeds battered

Roses soaked and sagging

Weeds thriving grass growing

All untamed

Horses stand, backs to elements

Dripping wet

You feel their misery


Then came one of those days

Autumn sun shining

Illuminating residual colour

Roses vibrant in unaccustomed brightness


Garden chairs beckon. Relax

Housework can wait

Enjoy sun on your face – glowing

Aching bones and muscles release

Mind steps up a gear (or two)

Gloominess turns to happiness

Negative becomes positive

There’s a spring in your step


Even the animals seem more alive – alert

Dry.  Coats glistening in sunlight

Warm, No longer sleek with fallen rain


Indian summer? Perhaps

It was one of those days.

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