Ross-shire Reflections

Our anthology has won First Runner Up in the annual Writers' Circle Anthology Award, sponsored by Writing Magazine.

This is what the judges had to say:

Ross-shire Writers present an exceedingly attractive perfect-bound paperback in Ross-shire Reflections, which was produced as a genuine team effort by the entire group. Each member selected new or existing work, to be scrutinised or critiqued by other members and the editorial board, over five months. The result is a collection of short stoires and poetry of a consistently high standard, by a group with form:  they won this award in 2007. 

Here's what reviewers have said about this collection: 

All the writers represented in this anthology have brought craft and art to bear upon the urge to describe the world – in its ‘real’ and in its ‘fictional’ guises.  The raw, funny, terrible, poignant stuff of life is amply represented in these pages, from junior football heroics to the sombre dignity of herons, from witch-burnings to the human racket in the Quiet Coach of a train. But if there is a theme that bubbles under the surface of all of these writings it is the pleasure, and sometimes the pain, of memory...Chris Powici, Editor, Northwords now!

A very intriguing blend of poems, short stories and styles.  Writers have found their own distinctive 'voice', essential for anyone trying to put the thoughts in their heads into words that others can read  and appreciate.  Ross-shire Writers have to be congratulated on their continuing enthusiasm and determination to follow their 'writing dream'. Ann Yule, Convenor of the Neil Gunn Trust.

If you would like to buy a copy of this anthology, please contact the Secretary, Louise James (see below for details). The cost is £6.95 plus £1.50 p&p. You can also buy the book at  The Spar Shop, Dingwall, Victoriana, Alness as well as other small outlets across Ross-shire. 

Contact details: clouisejames@btinternet.com


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