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17 January 2021Synthesis

A bringing together of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and Spirituality in one understanding of reality. 

15 January 2021Fractions Make Factions, Space Pools Together

12 January 2021Fear is in Love

01 January 2021Relentless Optimism

31 December 2020What is it that I fear, we fear, so much?

24 December 2020Natural Companionship

19 December 2020At wit's end

16 December 2020The Mutual Natural Inclusion of Receptive Space and Informative Flux

12 December 2020Soaring Vision

07 December 2020Contemplation - a lost Art

21 November 2020'Nightburst' - Emergence from Darkness into Conscious Expression

19 November 2020The Hole Story and the Whole Story

16 November 2020Vacuum Sucks

05 November 2020Nature as a Source of Moral Guidance

28 October 2020Discerning the Difference between Natural and Fictional Occurrence

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