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12 July 2020I-Opening

An exhibition of paintings depicting self-identity as a dynamic natural inclusion of neighbourhood. 

11 July 2020The Way of the Naturally Inclusive Middle

01 July 2020Natural Co-creation

23 June 2020The New Natural Science & Philosophy of Inclusive Flow: Natural Inclusionality

14 June 2020No Wholes Barred

13 June 2020Stitching in Time

27 May 2020Resurgence from Crisis

24 May 2020The Double Bindweed

18 May 2020The Art of Life, Environment & People

I have always felt that human nature is fundamentally loving, truthful and imaginative - and that these qualities reside at the heart of our individual and collective creativity and ability to learn. That we can be misled to believe and behave otherwise is due to a powerful combination of fear and partial perception, which manifests as a Great Lie that has become deeply culturally embedded. The only way to escape the influence of this falsehood is to educate our way out of it, through a return to first principles recognised by indigenous and oriental cultures and when we are very young. Having been a professional scientist and educator for much of my life, I have increasingly recognised that art has a vital role to play in this process. Here is a video recording of an interview I gave in 2011 about 'the art of life, environment & people'

12 May 2020Breaching the Great Lie

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