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What is Natural Inclusion?

In summary:-

Natural inclusion is the mutually inclusive, co-creative, receptive-responsive relationship between intangible spatial stillness and energetic motion in the being, becoming and evolutionary diversification of all material bodies, including our own.


Or Quite Simply:- Natural Inclusion is ‘What’s Happening’ — The Flow of Life, Not the Frigidity of Definitive Abstraction.


Fuller description:-

Natural inclusion is a fundamental evolutionary process, evident from our actual life experience, which both inverts and radically expands beyond Darwin’s abstract concept of ‘natural selection’, which he called ‘the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life’. 

We can become aware of natural inclusion when we view life as an expression of natural energy flow in open space, not a competition in a closed box.



To understand the evolution of life as an expression of natural energy flow calls us to change the way in which we in modern culture have mostly been led to think about matter, energy, space and time as if they are separately definable and measurable aspects of reality. Most especially we need to change the way we have been led to think of space and boundaries as definable sources of separation between isolated objects, and begin to think of these instead as sources of natural continuity and dynamic distinction.

What I am recognising here is that all material bodies, including our own human bodies, are made of space and circulating energy in mutually inclusive, receptive-responsive relationship - a 'dance' of energy around and within the stillness of space. Think of how a tornado or hurricane forms as a whirl of energy around a receptive spatial centre, and you’ll get the basic idea. Both receptive stillness and responsive movement are required to co-create the dynamic form.



Correspondingly, natural inclusion is the evolutionary process through which all natural material forms come into being and diversify as flow-forms – mutual inclusions of space and circulating energy in receptive-responsive relationship.

To put it another, deeper, way, all of us, from the atomic particles and cells within our human bodies to giant galaxies are made of Love, Where Love is understood both as 'Receptive Yearning' and 'Responsive Passion'



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