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I'm hoping that this site will help you to understand and spread awareness of an unfamiliar but fundamental evolutionary principle of Nature. This new way of understanding reality can help us all to live in a more sustainable, compassionate and joyful way than we currently do. It frees us from the adverse perception of life as a competitive 'struggle for existence', which leads us to cause such needless harm to ourselves and our natural neighbours and neighbourhood. 

This principle can be recognised without any special technical knowledge or skill, simply by reasoning consistently and imaginatively from such experiences as recognizing the difference between walking through an open doorway or into a brick wall. 

Can you discover this principle for yourself? Perhaps, maybe without even fully being aware of it, you have already done so - in which case, like me, you might be wondering why it isn't already 'common knowledge'. 




Alan Rayner

Bath Bio*Art

August 2019







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