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I. Publications by Alan Rayner


I have been exploring the meaning and implications of natural inclusion since the turn of the millennium. Here are some of my publications over the years, including links.

Rayner, A.D.M. (2003) Inclusionality – an immersive philosophy of environmental relationships. In Towards an Environment Research Agenda – a second collection of papers (A. Winnett and A. Warhurst, eds.), pp. 5-20. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Rayner, A.D.M. (2004) Inclusionality and the role of place, space and dynamic boundaries in evolutionary processes. Philosophica 73, 51-70.

Rayner, A. (2004) Natural Co-creation.

Rayner, A.D.M. (2006) Inclusional Nature – Bringing Life and Love to Science. 

Rayner, A.D.M. (2006) Natural Inclusion – How to Evolve Good Neighbourhood

Rayner, A. (2008) From emptiness to openness

Rayner, A.D. (2011). Space cannot be cut: why self-identity naturally includes neighbourhood. Integrative Psychological and Behavioural Science, 45, 161-184.

Rayner ADM (2011) NaturesScope: Unlocking our natural empathy and creativity - an inspiring new way of relating to our natural origins and one another through natural inclusion. Winchester, UK; Washington USA: O Books.

Rayner, A. (2012) What are natural systems, actually? Advances in System Science and Application 12, 328-347

Rayner, A.D.M. (2013) Space in form: the fluid boundary logic of fungi. Common Knowledge, 19, 257 – 268.

Rayner, A (2017) The Origin of Life Patterns In the Natural Inclusion Of Space in Flux Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer.

Rayner A (2017). Natural inclusion – a new understanding of the evolutionary kinship of all life on Earth. In Balancing Individualism and Collectivism – Social and Environmental Justice, (eds) J McIntyre-Mills, N Romm, Y Corcoran-Nantes pp 461-470. Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer.

Rayner, A (2018). The vitality of the intangible: crossing the threshold from abstract materialism to natural reality. Human Arenas 1 pp 9-20. See also:- https://link.springer.com/journal/42087/1/1/page/1

Rayner, A (2019). Welcome inspiration – the vitality of natural inclusion in human wellness. Journal of Holistic Heathcare, 16 (1), 40 - 45

Rayner, A (2019). Essays formerly published at www.bestthinking.com.

Rayner, A (2019) Natural Inclusions: Paintings Combining the Art and Science of Life

Vol. 1, 1969 – 1999 

Rayner, A (2019) Natural Inclusions: Paintings Combining the Art and Science of Life

Vol. 2, 2000 – 20018 

Rayner, A (2019) Natural Inclusional Streams – an outline description of the meaning and implications of natural inclusion.

Rayner, A (2019) Concerning the Natural Inclusion of Love in Life and Life in Love - a collection of poems and imagery. 

Rayner, A (2019) Aphorisms for Natural Inclusion 

Rayner, A. (2019) Creative Centrality

Rayner, A. (2019) What, most fundamentally, are we made of?

Rayner, A (2019) Interview with Fertile Grounds

Rayner, A (2019) Never Quite Knowing - Self as a Natural Centre of Circulation

Rayner, A (2019) What does the experience of breathing reveal to us about the fundamental nature of life, environment and people? 

Rayner, A (2019) Natural Inclusionality: A New Natural Philosophy of Sense & Sensibility

Rayner, A (2019) Honesty, Reasonableness & Kindness - the Three Core Values of Natural Inclusionality

Rayner, A (2109) Essence in Appearance: The Emergent Science, Art & Spirituality of Natural Inclusion

Rayner, A (2019) Naturally Inclusive Democracy

Rayner, A (2019) Uprising from the Fallen

Rayner, A (2019) Nothingness Makes Sense - When you include space in matter

Rayner, A (2019) Reason to Love - How natural inclusionality heals the rift between rationality and emotion

Rayner, A (2019) The Great Suppression

Rayner, A (2019) Elective Tyranny is not True Democracy

Rayner, A (2019) When thought divorces feeling - reason for hope in desperate times

Rayner, A (2020) Good Reason - How ro return to our senses

Rayner, A (2020) Why Technology, Legislation and Military Action Cannot Save Our Souls - But a New Sense of Self-identity as a Natural Inlcusion of Neighbourhood Can

Rayner, A (2020) The Natural Pilgrim's Way - Forget 'The Environment' and Love 'Our Natural Neighbourhood'

Rayner, A (2020) Loving Natural Neighbourhood as Self - Melting the Loneliness of the Selfish Mind

Rayner, A (2020) Leading Co-creatively, From Love, the Receptive Middle Way

Rayner, A. (2020) Beyond Interconnectedness.

Rayner, A (2020) Radiant Receptivity

Rayner, A (2020) From abstract freeze-frame to natural kinship

Rayner, A (2020) Cold & Warm Geometry: How Rigid and Fluid Structures Affect Our Human Relationships and Sense of Self. 

Rayner, A (2020) Simplicity & Entanglement

Rayner, A (2020) Permafrost & Fertile Ground

Rayner, A (2020) Beyond Objectification

Rayner, A (2020) Evolutionary Flow

Rayner, A (2020) The Natural Inclusion of Difference

Rayner, A (2020) How can awareness of natural inclusion help us through and beyond self-isolation? 

Rayner, A (2020) Inner Motivation

Rayner, A. (2020) The Cage, the Climbing Frame and the Swimming Pool

Rayner, A. (2020) Insecurity

Rayner, A. (2020) Beyond Contradiction

Rayner, A. (2020) Avoiding the Void

Rayner, A. (2020) The Quintesence of Consciousness

Rayner, A. (2020) From cultural tyranny to co-creative community

Rayner, A. (2020) Coming Together & Drifting Apart - From Knowledge to Wisdom & Wisdom to Knowledge

Rayner, A (2020) Breaching the Great Lie that isolates individual from common good

Rayner, A. (2020) The Double Bindweed

Rayner, A. (2020) Stitching in Time

Rayner, A. (2020) No Wholes Barred

Rayner, A. (2020) The New Natural Science & Philosophy of inclusive Flow: Natural Inclusionality

Rayner, A. (2020) The Way of the Naturally Inclusive Middle

Rayner, A. (2020) Hook, Line & Sinker - the Lure of Post-hoc Rationalisation

Rayner, A. (2020) The gamma-principle of natural inclusion - from competition versus cooperation to heartfelt relay.

Rayner, A. (2020) An Education in Natural Inclusion

Rayner, A. (2020) Evening Child

Rayner, A. (2020) I'm a Perceiver

Marman, D and Rayner, A. (2020). Sentient Evolution

Rayner, A. (2020) The natural inclusion of each in the other: how west turns to east in worldly circulation. 

Rayner, A. (2020) Need is all we love

Rayner, A. (2020) Shrouds and Sham Castles

Rayner, A. (2020) Discerning the Difference between Natural and Fictional Occurrence

Rayner, A. (2020) Nature as a Source of Moral Guidance

Rayner, A. (2020) Vacuum Sucks

Rayner, A. (2020) The Hole Story and the Whole Story

Rayner, A. (2020) 'Nightburst' - Emergence from Darkness into Conscious Expression

Rayner, A. (2020) Contemplation - a lost Art?

Rayner, A (2020) Soaring Vision

Rayner, A (2020) At wit's end

Rayner, A. (2020) Natural Companionship

Rayner, A. (2020) What is it that I fear, we fear, so much? 

Rayner, A. (2021) Relentless Optimism

Rayner, A. (2021) Fear is in Love

Rayner, A. (2021) Fractions make factions, space pools together

Rayner, A. (2021) Synthesis

Rayner, A. (2021) No Compromise - the Co-creative Middle

Rayner, A. (2021) Confluence

Rayner, A. (2021) Obscurity

Rayner, A. (2021) Ignorant Bliss or Blessed Relief: Self, No Self and their mutual inclusion in all living form

Rayner, A. (2021) Feeling Rubbish, Feeling Blessed

Rayner, A. (2021) Evolution in response to receptive invitation..the culmination of a series of Medium articles

Rayner, A. (2021) How did I become aware of natural inclusion?...My 100th Medium essay


Vass, E & Rayner, A (2022) Resurgence from crisis through awareness of natural inclusion. Human Arenas









II. Publications by  Other Authors

There are a great many publications by other authors that relate in one way or another to natural inclusion. Some of these can be found on the 'Ramifications' page, or can be traced via my own publications. Here I am listing those publications I know of that explicitly and specifically concern themselves with natural inclusion per se. 


Giles Hutchins (2014) The Illusion of Separation Chapter 16. Floris Books

P.J. Tattersall and B.P. Sidebottom. Towards A New Philosophical Foundation for Physics. Speculations on the Nature of Space, Gravity,Inertia and Mass. 

Luke Whaley (2018) Geographies of the Self: Space, Place and Scale Revisited. Human Arenas, 1, 21-36. 

Jeff Firewalker Schmitt (2018) Natural Inclusionality, Indigenous Wisdom and the Reality of Nature. Human Arenas 1, 37-55

Eva Vass (2018) Musical Co-creativity and Learning - the Fluid Body Language of Receptive-Responsive Dialogue. Human Arenas 1, 56-78

Degard (2018) Aetheric Energy: the Intangible Source of Human Celebrity? Human Arenas 1, 321-341

Gardiner, Louie J. N. (2019) Attending, Daring Becoming: making boundary play conscious PIA Collective becoming

Gardiner, Louie J. N. (2019) Regenerating Nature’s inclusional dance – a conference contribution, 26 October 2019: Regenerating Nature’s inclusional dance 2019-10-26

Gardiner, Louie J. N. (2018) In the Presence of Innocence: download 2018-03-29 In the Presence of Innocence

Gardiner, Louie J. N. (2018) The Origin of Life Patterns—in the Natural Inclusion of Space in Flux: download HUAR – LJNG Review – The Origin of Life Patterns – PUBLISHED 10.1007_s42087-018-0011-0

Gardiner, L. J. N. (2022) Attending, Responding, Becoming: A living~learning inquiry in a naturally inclusional playspace. PhD University of Hull.


Gardiner, L. J. N. (2022) Chapter-Five-as-Appendix, adjunct to "Attending, Responding, Becoming: A living~learning inquiry in a naturally inclusional playspace". PhD University of Hull.


Gardiner, L. J. N. (2021) Attending, Responding, Becoming...

... an anthology of surprises beyond intention or design. Edinburgh: Flora George Publishing.





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